Top 10 Best Air fryer Accessories in 2021 – Must have accessories

You have come across the word air fryer, but how to use it and its exclusive accessories are yet to be known. You can choose to cook a lot of delicacies meals with the help of ideal air fryer accessories and indulge yourself in the food you’ve never even thought of air frying.

This pandemic would have made you boring of the same regular meal rotations, but air fry foods make your foods taste on another level, making you experience more exciting dishes you had dreamed of.

And your stop at this article is the right thing. Here we are going to discuss the best air fryer accessories and how they make foods indulging. Whether you are looking for an easy-to-use model or one with extra features, we have listed the options for everyone.

What Air fryer accessories do you need for your air fryer?

Suppose you are the one who desires to maintain yourself fit without compromising to taste the traditional fried food. In that case, an air fryer is an ultimate choice of the appliance as it lets down all the fats and calories that escort the food. In this way, you can able to relish all your favorite foods in the healthiest possible way. Following are some must-have accessories to get the most out of
your air fryer.

1. Silicone baking cups:

These baking cups are meal preppers delight. Using these little, cute cups, you can easily prepare muffins and egg bites. These cups are designed individually; unlike complete egg mold, you can ultimately avail yourself full benefits of your air fryer space. These silicone baking cups are easy to release and clean.

2. Air fryer liners:

Air fryer liners are another name for non-stick and non-toxic. You no longer have to worry about food getting stick to the bottom of your baking pan or air fryer. Ensure to keep these bakery paper liners gate-at-able. It a great investment, as it minimizes the amount of food excess on your fryer, making the cleaning process Lil bit easier.

3. Hot air-fryer basket:

Typically, a hot air fryer basket is a machine in which food is cooked. It comes with a handle for the quick tossing of the food during the cooking process at one or more meantime based on what you are cooking. Moreover, basket-type air fryers are tender with coated and battered foods like home-battered foods and onion rings.

4. Air fryer grill pan:

An air fryer grill pan is a must-have in your accessories lists. It makes searing, grilling, frying, or roasting thing easy. It comes with a permeated holes in the bottom, which enables air to circulate. It allows oils and grease to drip off from the food and also disperse heat evenly.

5. Reversible air fryer rack:

This air fryer rack is a multipurpose accessory. Firstly, it can double as a cooling rack; secondly, it can operate as a rack for your air fryer, enabling air to dispense throughout your food and ensure it is crispy and equally cooked.

6. Oil sprayer bottle:

Typically, if you cook in an air fryer, there is no requirement for oil, but to make it a little crispier, a little spraying of oil would be no harm. You can also spray your air fryer cake pan, fryer basket, or any other accessories before cooking them to avoid the stickiness of food.

7. Locking tongs with nylon heads:

Taking things out from the air fryer after it is cooked will be too hot to touch. Good tongs will make it easier; hold it on your hands to pull out things like silicon mold or cake pan or foods like chicken nuggets, for instance. So including locking tongs with nylon heads will help you prevent abrasion of your cooking accessory
or fryer furnishings.

8. 16-items air fryer accessories:

These 16 items are the ultimate idea for beginners who want to have their hands on stocks of accessories quickly. It comprises a pizza pan, muffin cups, liners, skewers, silicone mold, and much more. If you are looking forward to attaining the most out of your air fryer, these 16 items of accessories stock will offer you most of the equipment necessary.

9. Air fryer baking pan:

It is an optimal non-stick pan to bake bread, French tart, cake, and much more in your air fryer. This pan can be extremely helpful and let you use it for multiple purposes. On top of that, it is oven safe up to 425 degrees. No doubt, because of its non-stick surface, cleaning up is done super easily.

10. Simple & good mandoline slicer:

If you use an air fryer to make sliced vegetables like potatoes or courgette into chips, adding a mandoline becomes a must-have accessory to your kitchen. You should use this tool with a glove for safety as the blade it comprises will be sharp. The vegetables can be sliced out evenly, and you can count on uniformly cooks chips all time.

Uses Of  Air Fryer Accessories:

Air fryer Accessories

Above we have seen the 10 most must-have air fryer accessories in your kitchen, but once you bought them, you must know how to handle them. The first thing you must keep in mind is before you choose to buy other accessories, ensure to measure the internal dimensions of your air fryer basket. By this, you will be well known which accessory size will be perfectly fit inside your fryer.

#You must always wish for a safe dish:

Firstly, you have to ensure whether this dish perfectly fits your air fryer; secondly, see whether it has a little handle attached to them for the safety side. As long it is compact and safe for your air fryer without controlling airflow, you can conveniently use it.

#Air fryer liner keeps your basket cleaner:

Air fry liners or basket paper liners consist of small holes to make air flow easily while keeping the surface of your basket clean from messy food. It is perfect for messy foods like grilled cheese sandwiches. But you must ensure to distribute the food evenly to hold the paper firmly in the bottom so it does not go off into the heating element.

#Make multiple snacks with air flyer layer racks!

Air flyer racks make it fun for you while you cook some delicious kebabs or fries at the same time. Yes! Isn’t it amazing? There are 1 to 1.5-inch gaps where you can cook fries simultaneously while cooking fish sticks on the top rack. Also, you can fry some fries on top and a burger on the bottom. You can use this air fryer rack to seal lightweight foods so they don’t go off around.

#Mandalorian slicer makes potatoes cut even and chicer!

Mandalorian slicer is great for prepping what you desire to cook in the air fryer. You can slice potatoes, apples, anything you want to roast. This tool will do it evenly and efficiently. Moreover, this slicer has various kitchen uses.

#Choose a good spraying oil

It is highly inappropriate to use harmful aerosol oil sprays, instead opt for a good healthy brand’s spray bottle for fine mist sprays, using considerably less oil. Choose the one, i.e., better for your health and your environment. Hence, it is necessarily important to choose a good spraying oil for silicone air fryer accessories.

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How to use Air Fryer Accessories?

Initially, after buying it detaches all the accessories from the package and cleans it with warm water, soap, and a non-abrasive sponge. Later wipe out the air fryer internally and externally and check the fan and heating element inside the air fryer are clean and clear from all obstructions.

How will you know when cooking time elapses?

The duration depends on what you cook, and you can adjust the cooking time by using the dial during the cooking cycle. However, the air fryer will produce a ding sound once if the set cooking time elapses.

What to do when the air fryer is particularly noisy?

The main reason will be because the internals or motors are not working properly. In this case, you must shut the air fryer immediately and contact the brand’s customer care for safety instructions and avoid consequences.

What to do when the air fryer releases the smoke?

It happens probably because when frying rack or basket still contains grease or oil left on it from the previous cooking session. You can prevent this by cleaning the basket and interior of the fryer completely.

How to make all the ingredients cook evenly in the air fryer?

Amid the cooking operation, you must carefully lift the fryer basket and shake it to set apart the overlapped ingredients, then keep the basket inside it to continue.

Bottom line:

The ceramic air fryer accessories are the best appliances to make crisp, delicious, and healthy foods without making a mess. This article has discussed enough possible accessories that will help you make the best choice and make the most out of your air fryer.

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