Air fryer Basket Peeling – How to fix it in 2022

A common question has been raised: Why is my air fryer basket peeling? The reason might be that, unfortunately, there are air fryers available in the market of low quality. And there might be other reasons as well. But at times, it becomes challenging to determine which air fryer has been fabricated from suitable quality materials.

We all know that only an air fryer makes it possible to have crunchy and crispy fried foods much healthier with less oil. Because of this, it has kicked off the craze and has become the mighty appliance in any kitchen. Besides being a healthier option, it makes air frying and other things easy with more than one exclusive feature. Because of this convenience, individuals tend to use the air fryer more often. 

Some tips may help you reduce the possibility of air fryer peeling, which we have discussed below. Keep on reading to prevent the peeling issue and improve the scenario.

Prime Reasons for air fryer peeling? 

 As the air fryer is the most versatile appliance in the kitchen, we tend to use it more often to prepare multiple dishes, and at the same time, they expect it to stay perfect for years. But unfortunately, that does not always happen. Because various factors cause the air fryer peeling problem, besides harsh cleaning and cheap quality, there are other reasons, which we have highlighted below.

 Following are some legit reasons that seem to incite the air fryer basket peeling problem.

 Cheap quality material:

 In most cases, it is the foremost reason and the prime cause of an air fryer peeling. However, most air fryer baskets have a non-stick coating for easy cleanup and quick food release. But some air fryer models are fabricated from cheap materials that start to peel after frequent or mild usage.

So in the case of inferior quality material, this is an unavoidable scenario because no matter how well the individual handle and stores the air fryer, it will tend to peel or flake. So alternatively, you can go for brands that manufacture stainless steel baskets made up of excellent quality materials that have a slight possibility of peeling.

Cleaning with abrasive tools:

It is advisable to be gentle while cleaning or scrubbing the air fryers as they are not rough-tough gadgets. But at times, when there is food build-up in the air fryer basket, individuals do not scrub them vigorously, which is a huge mistake.

Also, some believe that using aggressive tools can help them quickly get rid of burnt foods in the air fryer that results in peeling. So it will be helpful if you avoid using brittle sponges and steel wool and instead go for a mild sponge or hot water to clean the air fryer basket. With this, you will be ensured that the air fryer stays in your kitchen for a prolonged time.

Faultily handling:

Improper or faultily handling the air fryer basket might be the other reason. If individuals fail to place the air fryer basket properly inside the appliance may also result in peeling. Also, it is crucial to store the air fryer away out of the reach of young children or kids and pets. So it is advisable to keep the air fryer safely locked inside the kitchen cabinet to prevent such accidents. 

Extreme high temperature:

Cooking foods at extremely high temperatures can also be one reason for the air fryer basket peeling. So avoid cooking at a temperature ranging between 500 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit as it may release the chemical, i.e., Teflon used in manufacturing the non-stick coating. So it not only peels out the outer skin of the basket but also causes health problems like headache, fever, etc. 

 Metal toolkit:

 Air fryers usually come with a metal toolkit that should be used appropriately to prevent scratching the basket’s surface area. It is advisable not to use any sharp metal object or fork in the air fryer basket instead of wooden or plastic spoons.

How to prevent air fryer coating peeling issues?

 We understand how horrible it is if you are stuck with the air fryer coating peeling issue, so we have brought you some tips that will aid you in overcoming this problem.

  •  Proper and regular maintenance: Make sure to clean or wash your face regularly or on alternative days. Make it a habit to clean the air fryer’s basket and interior using a damp cloth. Also, avoid cooking foods at high temperatures.
  •  Avoid using Pam or non-stick aerosol spray: No matter what, abstain from using any non-stick cooking sprays like Pam or non-stick aerosol spray. It is evident that these are of low quality and contain harmful additives like propellants that can ultimately impact the basket’s non-stick coating, which leads to premature peeling.
  •  Spray some cooking oil: Before adding ingredients to an air fryer basket, it is no harm in spraying some cooking oil as it will prevent your ingredients from getting burnt and save the non-stick coating.
  •  Use parchment paper: If you prepare dripping or sticky dishes, it is brilliant to use parchment paper. Using parchment paper will absorb dripping juices and fats basket and ensure the air fryer basket does not need any extreme cleaning later.

Why is the air fryer basket rusting problem occurs?

 Besides peeling and flaking, rusting is another agitating issue you might face while using an air fryer. But rusting an air fryer basket is not a common issue as peeling, but it can still damage your appliance’s durability and appearance over time. Some significant causes of air fryer rusting are:

Insufficient cleaning:

 You must ignore the thought that air fryers do not require daily cleaning. But in reality, it will be helpful to avoid this notion and clean the air fryer after every cook. It will help you to keep your appliance clean from dirt and grease.

If you let it without cleaning, it will absorb food drippings and fats that further give rise to rust build-up. We understand it is hectic to clean your air fryer regularly but using a damp cloth to clean the food residue will be helpful, and having a proper washing once a week is recommended.

Moisture trapping:

Once you wash your air fryer’s surface, do not forget to wipe it down to preserve its appearance and performance. Please do not leave the washed air fryer on the kitchen countertop for air drying as its glossy metal surface can get rusted and discolored. Use the cotton cloth to wipe the air fryer after it is washed.

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How to remove the rust from an air fryer basket?

Air fryer basket peeling

 Despite following all the tips and techniques, if you still face the same rust issue in the air fryer basket, freight about it as you can still fix it. Below, we have shared two easy methods that will help you restore your air basket’s lousy condition.

 Use baking soda:

  • Take a baking soda and mix it with water till it becomes a thick paste
  • Now, apply that paste to the rusted areas and leave it for the next 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, wipe the paste and wash the air fryer like you usually do.
  • Now use the damp cloth to wipe the air fryer dry. 

But on an important note, baking soda is a very effortless solution to get rid of food grease. But remember, this baking soda solution is ideal only if the rust in your air fryer is not years old. Using any aggressive tool in any case to clean it will not be a good option.

 The cooking oil technique:

 It is the following method; the cooking oil can also assist in removing dust from the air fryer. Ensure to spray some good quality oil in an air fryer and use a buff to spread it evenly. 

 Leave it for the next one or two hours until the oil takes considerable time to show its reaction. But if you do not see any result, use a soft sponge to rub down the stubborn rust. It will surely help.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Do all air fryer baskets peel? 

     Now that we know where the problem is and also the suitable solution, the other popular question is, do all air fryer baskets peel? To answer this question precisely, it depends on which brand of air fryer you use because there is some best air fryer that does not peel as the basket is fabricated of good quality. However, you can avoid this peeling problem by opting for stainless steel or ceramic coated basket.

  2.  Is the basket peeling problem problematic.?

     Typically non-stick coatings are fabricated of different materials most popular type is Teflon. However, you can ensure that you are not ingesting harmful toxins by referring to the products manual. A reputed brand always mentions the material they use and manufacturing products. Check whether the non-stick material is FDA approved. If it is FDA approved, no issues. If not, it demands an immediate air fryer’s substitute.

  3.  Is the air fryer basket peeling typically?

     Yes, it is expected that the non-stick coating eventually peels off, but it also depends on the brand. Some inexpensive brands of air fryer peel after a few usages, but some air fryer ensures durability and does not peel off until the next few years. So to get rid of this peeling issue, it is recommended to invest a premium amount for an air fryer.

Bottom line:

You have to understand that an air fryer is a versatile, high functioning, and compatible appliance that allows visuals to cook healthy fried foods in a shorter time. So proper maintenance is necessary at any cost; it might be a rust or peeling problem. Irrespective of any problem, we have covered a solution for you and hope you found this helpful.

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