Air fryer keeps Turning OFF? Fix it in 5 Mins [Instant DIY]

The most hurtful thing related to the air fryer is that when it keeps shutting off without your knowledge. I understand how agitating it is when you are ready to prepare your favorite chicken nuggets recipe, and the next thing you see is your air fryer has become quiet.

It is the most disappointing thing when you are really craving some air-fried food. But like other appliances, the air fryer also comes with the possibility of not working for specific reasons. So in this article, I will discuss in detail all the possible causes of Air fryer keeps Turning OFF and give suitable solutions so you can fix them instantly. Let’s go!


  • Why does the air fryer keep turning off?
  • Do all air fryers turn off automatically?
  • Reasons why air fryer turned off and won’t turn on (subheadings)
  • How to fix the air fryer not turning on problem? ( steps wise)
  • How to turn off air fryer?
  • My suggestion for you!

Why does the air fryer keeps turning off?

Your air fryer keeps turning off might be because of default operational settings. The other reason might be that some air fryer models are programmed to shut off if they are overheated automatically. But usually, the air fryer gets shut down or does not start if you fail to place the basket in an air fryer properly. Besides this air fryer auto shut-off safety measure, other reasons make air fryer turns off continuously. 

Like, such if there are loose components in the air fryer, issues with electrical connections, lack or misuse of air fryer, or lack of maintenance.

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Do all air fryers turn off automatically?

No, not all air fryers keep turning off. But if you are experiencing such problems, it typically means you need first to plug it off and check whether there are loose connections or parts. 

Even after this, you cannot figure out where the exact problem is, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer or customer service for repair. However, you can avoid this air fryer by turning off the problem by reading the manual, and striving to clean and maintain the appliance routinely.

Reasons why the air fryer turned off and won’t turn on?

#1stReason – Issues with electrical connections:
  • Faulty or damaged electrical connections in an air fryer are among the most common problems that make the appliance shut down without knowledge. The power cord has become broken or loose, which causes a significant interruption in the electrical supply to the air fryer. 
  • Instant solution: in this case, you have to reach for customer service and get your air fryer repaired.
#2ndReasonThe plug is not fixed properly in the socket:
  • Most of the time, the plug is not fixed correctly in this socket, so you may face this issue. 
  • Instant solution: Unplug and insert it again; now switch it on. Even after this, if your air fryer fails to start up. Look for the next possible issue.
#3rdReasonThe cable’s fuse has blown:
  • The third reason is when the fuse of the cable has blown. This is a severe scenario that only a certified electrician must handle. So do not try to do it on your own. Because some air fryer models have an inbuilt fuse, whereas, in others, you cannot repair the fuse. 
  •  Instant solution: Move to the electrician professionals as they will check whether the fuse has blown and replaced it with the new fuse.
4th Reason – Misusage:
  • At times when you misuse the air fryer by pushing the wrong button or fixing the incorrect settings, there is a possibility that the air fryer might turn off automatically.
  • Instant solution: Go through a manual that comes with an air fryer to help you precisely understand how to operate the air fryer. 
5th Reason – The improper placing of basket:
  • This might also be why your air fryer is turning off or not turning on. It is expected that unless the appliance does not detect the complete components, it will not switch on.
  • Instant solution: You can fix this issue by removing the basket again and placing it firmly and slowly back in the position.

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How to fix the air fryer not turning on problem?

Air fryer keeps Turning OFF

Here are some steps you can try to fix your turning off problem:

Step 1: Initially, turn off your air fryer and unplugged from the power cord. Leave it for a while until the appliance gets cool and reaches room temperature if you have just prepared a meal on it. 

Step 2: Now the second step is to make a quick check on the electrical system of your appliance. Because every kitchen appliance is interrelated with others and can impact one another, fix the power cable and wires in the right place. If you find chords are displaced or tangled, put them accordingly. You can also replace or repair the fuse in the plug if required.

Step 3: If the above two steps are all well now, it’s time to move on to the air fryer. Check whether the door is closed correctly, parts are not loosely fixed, and if there are any cracks on the appliance.

Step 4: Now keep the air fryer unplugged and detach the internal parts—next, use soapy and warm water to clean the interior of the air fryer. You can also use a damp cloth to clean the voice of the air fryer. Make sure to wait until everything inside the air fryer is dried out completely. 

Step 5: Turn on the appliance but ensure all sensors and settings are correctly operating. Even after all these steps, you have to contact the manufacturer or reach an electrician to get your air fryer repaired for your air fryer to shut down.

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How to turn off air fryer?

Turning off an air fryer is one of the simplest tasks to do; even beginners can do it effortlessly. You will find the on and off button on the top or front side of the air fryer. Irrespective of whether you have an analog air fryer or a digital one, you have to push the button to turn it off. Moreover, if your air fryer model comes with a sensor feature, you need to go through the manual and read the instructions precisely, which will help you operate the settings accordingly.

My suggestion for you!

If you have already attempted, checked all the above techniques, and still haven’t found any suitable solution, then my suggestions for you would be:

Go through the instruction manual:

Yes, you heard that right, the instruction manual is my first recommendation, and I am not kidding; though it may sound basic, sometimes most peoples fail to look out for these things and face issues while operating the appliance. So it would be helpful if you care to check the manual and follow the manufacturer’s words. The guide or manual will have troubleshooting procedures explicitly curated for your air fryer model. 

Make use of warranty:

A legit air fryer model comes with a decent warranty card, so you can acquire the benefit and get a new appliance or a better replacement part straight from the manufacturer. But it won’t be easy if your warranty is already out. In this case, you must look forward to buying a new air fryer.

On an important note, I recommend you do not just trust a local repair guy. Always go for one that has enough experience fixing air fryers. Because the appliance has delicate electricals inside, any carelessness will cause a possibility of fire risks and even damage the device. But if the repair guy charges an expensive amount to fix your air fryer, it is better to buy a new one.

Bottom line:

Now we are at the end of the article, and I hope your issue of the air fryer keeps turning off is resolved! But the crucial point is before attempting to fix any problem, make sure to switch off the appliance and give some to cool down, then start the process. If you found this information helpful, share your experience below!

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