Why My Air fryer Making Rattling Noise – How to Fix it!

Undoubtedly air fryers have become the most popular appliance, and its craze gets on proliferating day by day. It is progressively becoming an appliance that embellishes millions of kitchens are worldwide. It potentially delivers crispy food without oil by just heating up using hot air, and cooking a wide variety of foods has influenced many of them to make this choice in their kitchen.

However, besides the pros, there is a consistent drawback and complaint from individuals who that an air fryer being noisy.

The reason for the air fryer making rattling noise is probably when it is in use because of debris within the surface. The reason might be the element, or a part has become loose, or simply the appliance mechanism working noise. You can get rid of this air fryer noise by thorough cleaning and ensuring nothing is loose; everything fits in a perfect place before using it again and storing your air fryer in an open space.

You will find everything in this article about air fryer rattling noise which is well explained. Just keep on reading and feast on the details you have been craving for so long.

How to stop air fryer rattling noise?

Air fryer Making Rattling Noise

The prime reason why the air fryer making rattling noise is due to the fan which is placed inside of it. Usually, when you turn the appliance on and the oil heats up, it will produce a lot of noise because the motor is running very swift and fast. So you must need to ensure to let the oil heat up.

Before concluding, what you must be doing when your air fryer making rattling noise, you must understand that air fryer noise is in use. It is not uncommon, and it shouldn’t scare you. However, if it is faulty enough and produces noise above 65 decibels, it is very annoying, and a sign that describes something is wrong somewhere.

However, there are other two ways to stop this air fryer noise.

Unplug the air fryer:

Initially, you must ensure to unplug the air fryer. Later check the inside of an air fryer to ensure that nothing is moving around the appliance because there is a chance that it will get stuck inside while it is running. And in case you observe anything blocking the appliance heating element, you can remove it immediately. It will lead to the normal functioning of your air fryer.

Stop using the appliance:

Even after unplugging the air fryer and not finding anything inside the air fryer blocking the heating element, you have to stop using the appliance. At times this is probably because of loose parts or components within the case of an air fryer.

Now at this moment and time, your next decision is completely in your care, and you must induce its consequences. It is totally on your hands together; continue using it if it does not impact your fryer’s cooking proficiency. And still, if you have any bad intuition of using it, you can contact the manufacturer for repairs or replacements if required.

Why are air fryers loud?

The working mechanism:

As discussed above, the way the air fryer operates is highly responsible for its rattling noise. The fan is a crucial part of an air fryer as it maintains the internal parts in a cool condition.

An air fryer deploys extreme heat to cook food, and a fan is an essential component to consistently pass hot air around a cooking area. And this fan rotates at a very high speed, leading air fryer noise to get so loud along the line.

Of course, do air fryers make noise that is not unusual and must not cause panic. But it would help if you were mandatorily be assured that solely the fan is the reason behind this noise because other reasons might be a case of worry. So the only ideal solution was to contact the manufacturers.

Loose-fitting parts:

And at times, air fryer rattling noise is more annoying and greater than that generated by the air fryer’s fan. Because it is due to the loose-fitting parts, even if the smallest part is loose can produce a rattling noise. All you have to do is unplug, switch off the appliance clean and check the internal part of an air fryer tight the part or component. And in the condition, if there are no loose parts, then it is best to inform the manufacturer.

Air fryer model:

The first two reasons stated above are the prime cause of an air fryer rattling noise. On top of that, it is also crucial to note that the air fryers model can also define how much noise produces. At the same time, some air fryer models are quiet, while others are opposite.

However, most air fryers do not produce noise above 65 decibels. The reviews and individuals’ experiences have shown that a much quieter model is not always accessible in the market. And most models available produce greater noise.

So if you have an air fryer model that produces quite a great rattling noise, try to go through how much noise that specific model produces before purchase, as manufacturers have mentioned any information on the product description.

Dirt particles:

Apart from the three reasons, the dirt particles can also make an air fryer produce a rattling noise. So clean it consistently to escape the dirt accumulation in your air fryer. It impacts the working mechanism of your air fryers, measuring the air fryer to put in more work to cook food, which produces more noise in the long term.

Loose litters or debris:

Another reason air fryer making rattling noise is loose litter or debris within the surface of an air fryer. It can happen over time from the smaller elements and food crumbs, building up a huge amount later on. For instance, it can be caused by bread crumbs or small chips remaining inside the basket or oil mess blocking up into clumps over time.

Once the air fryer is on and begins to circulate, this can trigger these small elements to move around, bounce across the edges of an air fryer inside, and cause an annoying noise.

Purchase a new air fryer:

Suppose you have reached your manufacturer and thoroughly cleaned your air fryer and still have no suitable solution to fix the air fryer noise problem. In that case, the only possible solution is to invest in a new one. And at times, an air fryer with huge noise may be unsafe to use for the long term, and it is recommended to change their appliance as soon as possible before the next use.

How do to examine the amount of air fryer noise?

Now, if individuals have any problems with air fryer rattling noise, they must examine its level. We have shared before that the normal noise level of an air fryer is up to 60 to 65 Decibels. But about this level is considered as something wrong with the appliance. You have to be very careful about this. Now individuals can use any sound measuring device to examine the level of this rattling noise.

But currently, many sound measurement applications that show effective results are available. You can easily install the well-reviewed and rated app from the Google play store on your smartphone. So firstly estimate the general noise level of kitchen room. It may sound weird, but it is mandatory.

But if your home location is situated in a crowded place, then while you record it, it will also record along with it. So as a consequence, it will not be possible to estimate the general and exact loudness of the device. Now you can turn on the air fryer, estimate the decibels unit, and measure the noise level properly.

Is there any quiet air fryers model available?

Numerous air fryer brands in the market are manufactured with a quiet feature. Some air fryer brands have a good reputation, and some brands simply sell air fryers with loud noise at affordable prices. It might be challenging to do a proper search to determine quiet air fryers. But you will be surprised to know we have mentioned some exclusive air fryer models that are quiet and do not produce rattling noise. And the quietest air fryer models available are.

  • Ninja 4-quart air fryer
  • Emeril lagasse power airfryer
  • Cuisinart Afr-25 air fryer
  • Cosori 5.8 QT smart air fryer
  • Iconites 6.5-quart air fryer
  • Caynel 12.5 quart air fryer.

Why is my air fryer making noise or keep beeping?

Air fryer Making Rattling Noise

If your air fryer makes rattling noise or keeps beeping, one of the prime reasons may be indicator settings and timer. Usually, there is a feature in an air fryer that when the time is up, and your cooking duration has reached an end, your air fryer will keep on beeping consistently.

The other reason for an air fryer’s consistent beeping may also be because of an error code. For instance, if an individual has clicked the wrong setting button, a beeping sound is expected.

Moreover, the last reason is making noise is because of a loose part inside. So irrespective of the case, you must unplug the air fryer and stop using it until the technician repairs it and advise you for further usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all air fryer noisy?

Not all air fryers are noisy, and the loudness of an air fryer solely depends on the brand you choose. Mainly brands determine the air fryer’s design and the power or speed of the fan located inside the air fryer. However, most air fryers produce a noise similar to the noise of a dishwasher or a washing machine, and sometimes some models are as extremely loud as a vacuum cleaner.

What can you do to prevent air fryer noise?

If you feel your air fryer produces excessive sound, open the device and check whether the components are located and built properly. Then thoroughly clean the device. Even after this, if you cannot fix the problem, you can buy a new one.

Are air fryers generally supposed to be loud?

With a proper working mechanism, an air fryer must not produce more noise than the usual air conditioner above 65 decibels. But since every air fryer model is different, they can be louder, and some models are quieter. But if you expect the same strange rattling noise for a long, you must reach customer support.

The Bottom line

Air fryer Making Rattling Noise

So, we hope that you are pretty clear now that an air fryer making rattling noise has plenty of reasons behind it. But you don’t have to fret as we have shown all the possible solutions to it. So, you can follow those solutions to make an air fryer sounds less loud while cooking.

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