Top 5 Air fryer Muffin Pans in 2022 – A detailed Review

Are you looking for air fryer muffin pans for your cupcakes? It is no more a secret that everybody loves cupcakes or muffins, but on the same side, you are aware of the mess they can create. Whether you are baking for a small gathering of friends, want to satisfy your cravings, or celebrate your kid’s birthday with cupcakes, it is crucial to have something cute and easy dessert for people, and a cupcake is one of them.

Moreover, baking them in an air fryer makes them more effortless and delivered in time. If you have an air fryer at home, you can easily bake the cupcakes in a minute.

Can an air fryer be used for baking?

Air fryer Muffin Pans

 Of course, you can also use an air fryer to make baked goods. There is a heating element inside and a fan that reduces hot air circulation inside the cooking chamber. So this whole cooking process is the same as a convection oven, but the only difference is that the hot circulates are more swiftly in an air fryer. Because of this, it lets the air come into contact with the whole surface of the food more effectively, giving it a crunchy texture.

 It also depends on your air fryer brand, as some of them come with a preset function that needs to be just pressed to activate the baking feature. Baking food or muffin in an air fryer is ultimately time-efficient and beneficial as it creates less possibility of mess.

Moreover, baking muffins in an air fryer using a silicone muffin pan or cups is also a good choice for individuals to avoid firing of the event during hot season or if you want to make only a few muffins or cookies at a time. Silicone muffin cups always is the safest option than paper cups!

Top 5 Best Muffin Pans for Air fryer:

Air fryer cupcake pan or muffin pan is readily available online. These cups are entirely safe to use and can hold regular size cupcakes. This muffin pans you can bake whatever you want without any hassle.

1 – Bakeware 4 cup muffin pan for air fryer baking

air fryer muffin pan

MaterialCarbon Steel
Product Dimensions8.46 x 7.48 x 0.43 inches
Item Weight4.9 ounces
Mould ShapeRound
Hole 4 Holes

 Package Included:

  • 1pc x Cake Mold
  • OR
  •  2pcs x Cake Molds

 This 4 cup muffin pan is perfect for baking a small batch of muffins in an air fryer. It will be a significant game-changer for you if you already have a Ninja foodi air fryer buying methandienone online in uk in your home, as it goes well based on our experience. You will be delighted to use this non-stick air fryer muffin pan as it won’t get any mess, and it is effortless to clean. We ensure that it will be an excellent muffin pan for regular use.

 Special features:


 It is fabricated with a thoughtful mini design with multiple cavities ideal for baking muffins, cupcakes, etc. It is a perfect kitchen making to prepare delicious research and whatnot.


 This air fryer muffin tray comes with the convenience of a non-stick design that ensures your cupcakes or muffins do not stick to the surface of your tin and ensure hassle-free baking.

 Supreme quality:

 The other reason why you can buy this muffin pan without any second thought as it is fabricated of heavy-duty template materials for superior heat conduction and even baking.

 Great results:

 Baking muffins in this cupcake pan will help you get consistent results with good doing and gold brown coloring. You will acquire the best light and fluffy with just-right texture results. 

 Easy peasy cleaning:

 You have to wash it with water and gently scrub a brush or sponge. We recommend hand washing only, and dishwasher is not suggested as discoloration will happen due to the cleaning agents.

What we like
  • Multi cavities
  •  High-quality fabrication
  •  Non-stick pan design
  •  Easy to clean
What we don’t
  • None

2 – Air Fryer Muffin pan Single Mini Individual 3.1″ Nonstick Muffin pan

air fryer muffin pan

MaterialCarbon Steel
Quantity3 pieces
Item Dimensions ( L x W x H )3.1 x 3.1 x 1.8 inches

Our second choice is an excellent air fryer muffin tin which has earned its reputation for its non-stick performance, durability, and convenient design. It is a mini individual 3.1″ non-stick Teflon coating for baking muffins and tasty dishes like donut tart and whatnot. Let’s know about its features below.

 Special features:

 Great design:

 This air fryer mini muffin pan or tin comes with an excellent design for air fryer as it is easily adaptable with every air fryer size. It lets you bake six pieces of muffins or other baking food in 5.3 and 5.8 quarts air fryers.

 Non-stick convenience:

 This muffin pan is built with Teflon coating that makes your food quickly released. You can prepare mini omelets and Yorkshire puddings as they come out nicely and are just delivered with good taste. At last, its non-stick makes the cleaning process an absolute breeze.

 Heat resistant capacity:

 Safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit / 240 degrees Celsius. We recommend that the baking time be at least 10 minutes in 320 degrees Fahrenheit / 160 degrees Celsius. However, the cooking duration or time solely depends on dough or paste.

 Easy cleaning:

 It is recommended that this muffin pan is safe for hand washing only, and you can use soft sponges. However, its non-stick coating does not create any hassle white cleaning.

What we like
  • Adaptable for every air fryer size
  • Non-stick design
  • Heavy carbon steel fabrication
What we don’t
  • Some have experienced that after washing, the coating comes off.

Silicone muffin pan, 7Cup Non-Stick Muffin Cupcake Tin:

muffin pan air fryer

Diameter(Approx.)18cm, 21cm
Dimensions12.6 x 3.94 x 3.15 inches

 Package Included:

One pc*Silicone Muffin Cake Cups

 You will surely love our third choice, i.e., silicon muffin cups from the KOET brand. It gives you a solid baking performance that you can see by yourself. We ensure that it will be worth the investment to invest in this versatile muffin pan. Let’s deep dive to know unique features:

 Special features:

 Top-quality material:

 This muffin pan is fabricated of silicone material, soft but not easy to break. Its lightweight and supreme study material ensures durability and excellent baking performance.


 This silicone muffin pan is known for its multi cavities features as it lets you use it for baking muffins and chocolates without any hassle. Moreover, you can also cook your favorite egg protein bite for a quick grab breakfast.


 It comes in 18 cm and 21 cm sizes to meet your requirements. However, if you have a Ninja foodi air fryer for any brand with a 6-quart capacity, it is a perfect silicon muffin cup choice.

 Easy cleaning:

 With this silicone muffin tin, the cleaning process is entirely a breeze as it can be washable, reusable, and easy to clean after every baking or cooking session.

What we like
  •  Silicon material fabrication
  •  7 cup multifunctionality cavities
  •  A perfect baking mold for 3.5-5.8 L capacity
  •  Easy to clean
What we don’t
  •  They are a bit smaller than a regular muffin pan.

Instant Vortex Official Nonstick Air Fryer Mini Muffin Pan, Gray

Air fryer pans

This air fryer mini muffin pan is a Vortex Air Fryer essential accessory. Make 12 muffins, cupcakes, egg bites & more. It is fabricated of aluminized steel; the pan promotes even baking and is non-stick for easy clean-up. It also features handles for easy transport into and out of your fryer. The pan is heat resistant to 450F and safe to use in traditional ovens—measures 9 x 7.7 inches, handwashing is recommended. Compatible with 6-quart & 10-quart Vortex Air Fryers.

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Wilton Premium Non-Stick Bakeware Air fryer Muffin Pan & Cupcake Pan

air fryer muffin pan

Everyone loves a good, warm muffin in the morning, and it’s never been easier than with this 12-cup non-stick muffin pan. So get up and get going. This pan can also make a dozen cupcakes to brighten someone’s day. Durable steel non-stick pan is essential to your kitchen and will be your go-to baking tool.

This heavyweight baking pan does everything from cupcakes for birthdays muffins for breakfast, and your Christmas baking projects. You can also use this pan for savory dishes like egg bites and mini meatloaf. It’s a premium non-stick coating for excellent release and dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean-up. This non-stick air fryer cupcake pan provides consistent baking results and quality you can count on for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a muffin pan in an air fryer?

 Yes, you can, as it is oven-proof and easily used in the air fryer. You will achieve great results with silicone muffin cups. The other options are ceramic metal or glass is also suitable for an air fryer.

 Can you put silicone muffin cups in an air fryer?

 Yes, you can. Silicone muffin cups are a good option as they are sturdy, and the muffins are also easy to remove because of their non-stick design.

 Can you cook bacon in muffin cups in an air fryer?

 Yes, you can, but make sure to use the proper temperature to acquire excellent and crispy bacon without causing it to smoke or burn.

 The Bottom line:

 We have helped you choose the best muffin pan for air fryers. Now it also depends on you of what size you must consider and whether it will go with your air fryer or not. However, it is a complete cost and time-efficient option with unique features. So it is worth a try.

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