Why my Air Fryer Not Heating Up? – Top Reasons & Solutions

It is no more a secret that air fryers have become the preferable appliance built with versatility and offer healthy meal options with just a little bit of oil and some high heat.  However, with its extraordinary performance, like all other kitchen appliances, it is common for an air fryer to run into some problems,  and the most common one everybody faces is their air fryer not heating up as expected.

Suppose if an air fryer not heating up; in that case, what you have to do is check the outlet and the power cord,  ensure the lead or is closed tightly,  check for the temperature and timer knobs, check the heating element and decrease the quantity of food you are frying.

If you have caught up with the same issues, this article is the right stop for you; here we will discuss the reasons and common mistakes why air fryer does not heat up and give possible solutions for dealing with your pesky air fryer.

Reason Why Air Fryer Not Getting Hot:

air fryer not heating up

Air fryer promises to offer low-fat cooking with extra crispy results, but if your air fryer fails to get heat up, it may make your dish look and taste less dazzling. Following are the reasons which you have to look after, Although Ceramic air fryers are free from such problems.

Assess the outlet of your air fryer:

It is common for your air fryer to get unplugged or knocked out of the socket while cleaning the countertop.  it is why Double checking the air fryer will always be an ideal option to check whether the air fryer  is properly  plugged when you discover that it is not heating up

The other reason is the breaker flipping issue; However, it is not a common problem with an air fryer because of multiple devices plugged into an outlet; the issue is predictable, so checking it will be helpful.

To verify whether the fuse has down because breakers can slip when multiple devices like Waffle makers, microwaves, toaster ovens, etc.,  and other appliances are plugged into a single outlet,  this leads to  overloading of the electrical system connected to that particular outlet, and it turns it off

However, you can check this fuse blown issue by plugging in another appliance to ensure that it works. If it does not turn on, then it is confirmed that you are facing a fuse blown.  In this case, unplug all the devices from the outlet and makeit does not get overloaded the next time,  after doing at you should switch the breaker back on.

To test whether or not the fuse has blown, try plugging in another appliance that you are sure works. If it doesn’t turn on, you’re probably dealing with a fuse blown.

Check the temperature of your air fryer:

Every air fryer has a different temperature setting based on the model and brand,  so first, you have to figure out which mode of settings your air fryer has. Usually, the air fryer comes with two settings: one is straightforward dial settings, and the other comes with buttons that you must press to enter a temperature. 

In the temperature dial setting model, your air fryer may not be working just because of a low setup; you just need to turn the temperature up to resolve the issue

If you have a digital temperature setting model, ensure the settings are adjusted rightly,  you have to set up a hot temperature that is enough to heat up.

Check your air fryer door or lid leaves is closed:

If you fail to seal your air fryer tightly, it is common that your air fryer will leak heat.  But some model air fryers will get heat up if the door or lid is left open.  While some other air fryers sense that the lid is not closed tightly, it completely restricts the system even to get heated.  so it depends on the models you use,  but it is preferable to keep your air fryer door closed tightly.

Check the air fryers timer:

It is important to check the air fryer’s timer setting, like how you check the temperature setting up, but it varies by brand and model.  While some air fryers come with the digital model that you have to just click the time into,  and the other air fryers have a conventional dial on the face that turns and ticks.

However, to fix the air fryer not heating issue, you just have to set a time for your air fryer even it is shorter or a bit longer duration you want,  it will help you to ensure that your air fryer is heating up properly.

Check your air fryer power cord:

This issue is commonly faced in cheap air fryer brands.  So you have to ensure that when you are observing for damage, you have to look for the power cord that connects the air fryer with the wall outlet.  You must ensure to first look for any breakage signs.  And in the low and cheap air fryers, excess and overuse of appliances can break the power chords.

Another reason for the breakage of the power cord might be due to the pests or mice,  that you the power cord and damage them, which prevent the air fryer from getting heat up properly.  The other reason is the electrical failure. Lastly, if you discovered that your power cord is not damaged, then the only possible reason is that it is not connected to the air fryer itself.  So make sure you connect your air fryer properly, and the cable is fully secured.

Solutions And Tips to handle Air Fryer Not Heating Up Issue Like A Pro:

  • Check the power:

Before getting worried about why your air fryer is not working, begin with an easy solution, and it is the ‘Power.’ Different air fryers models have located the power buttons in different places, so you must look after it, in some models, it is located underneath and back the machine. It is common when you are cleaning the air fryer; you could have off the switch and forget to turn it on. But still, if you haven’t find the power button, it means it automatically switches itself on when connected to the main power. Still, if your air fryer not heating up, check your device’s manual.

  • Check the basket:

After determining that the power connection is not the root cause of the problem, the next possible solution is to check the air fryer’s basket.  It is fine that you would be excited to add as much food as possible to the air fryer to have delicious meals, but actually, it might be the typical reason your air fryer not getting hot upto expectations.  Because filling up the air fryer can prevent the air from getting into the device,  and it interferes with the system’s function properly. So the air circulation is the main criteria to consider, and it will happen if your air fire gets proper air that it helps to reach a heat that can properly cook your food.  So without this circulation process, your air fryer will not heat up.

  • To check the heating element:

It might be possible that the heating element up might also be preventing your air fryer from getting heated up.  It is evident that the heating element is one of the vital components of the air fryer, and through this component, a lot of cooking process is done.  So seeing this as a root cause for the developing heating problem is not a surprise.  The possible solution will be you must have to call the manufacturer or speak to the customer Service Department to fix the problem.

  • To check the settings:

Our last recommendation and solution are to check the settings of the air fryer to verify if this is the cause of your problem. If you have done everything that we have already discussed,  but your air fryer not heating up still, then the solution will be to choose another heating setting to see if it works. It is common for a machine to produce low heat at a low temperature, so trying the other hottest setting to check whether it works will be helpful.

Air Fryer not heating up issues with some common brands:

Ninja air fryer:

Ninja air fryer not heating up, it needs to be preheated before you cook your ingredients in them.  It is said that the air fryer does not heat up in this air fryer model, and you have to wait for a considerable time until the unit reaches the desired temperature at its preheating stage.  So it is not possible to add food at the exact moment you turn the Ninja air fryer on until it reaches the correct temperature.

Nuwave air fryers:

Air fryer not working ( Are you wordering How does an air fryer works?) issues arise in this model if there is a temperature issue, power failure, or defective outlet.  So it should be helpful if you check the power issues and if it is plugged into an outlet properly.  Configure the temperature settings properly,  and if still the heating problem is not resolved, then  reset the temperature setting by clicking zero on the display panel

Philips air fryer:

This air fryer not heating up problem comes with its own particularities, and it begins from choosing the length and cooking cycle.  If you fail to select these both properly, then the air fryer will refuse to perform its job.  Moreover, for safety reasons, it is helpful to select a cooking time before starting to heat up.  Because there are air fryers models that enable the heating process without setting a determined length, some air fryers like the Philips model will not. This might be the possible cause for your heating problem.


This article has determined enough potential reasons causes why your air fryer not heating up. But all these series of problems come with ideal solutions, so we recommend you to have complete oversight of your air fryer before getting worried and throwing your air fryer, entitling it as damaged.

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