Air fryer PBJ [Healthy RECIPE] – Step by Step Instructions

Are you looking for Air fryer PBJ Recipe? Whenever you hear the word air-fried PB and J, the craving gets more and more, and you can’t stop thinking about it. Of course, your desires are valid; who does not love a gooey inside and toasty inside air fryer peanut butter and jelly. You could not get enough of them no matter how much you have.

It is a go-to snack or quick meal to prepare with just a few ingredients, and you are ready in minutes. So how about if we help you to make your Friday night or summer camp more chill if I say you can prepare this PB and J in an air fryer? Yes, don’t be surprised; keep reading to know more.

What exactly means to air fry a PB and J?

Air fryer PBJ

 Of course, everybody loves to prepare things in an air fryer, but this one is entirely no different, and if you have never had air-fried PB and J, you are so missing out. From the oozing jelly making to unstoppable peanut butter in taste. Everything is extraordinary!

Why prepare air-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the air fryer?

 Firstly, they are more than one reason; it is much more effortless to prepare than making it on the stove. The second reason is that even if you are a beginner, you can prepare this in an air fryer with little or no supervision. Lastly, it helps acquire a great toasted crust when you air-fried it.

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 How to have air-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich:

Air fryer PBJ

How to have air-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich

 We know your excitement is at its peak, but to make it more delicious, we have some tips and step-by-step procedures to help you acquire an excellent and delicious air-fried PB and J.

 Quick tips:
  1.  Firstly choose your favorite jam and peanut butter. We recommend using a smooth one as it might be a better option to give the sandwich together specifically while flipping. 
  2. Having jelly at room temperature can make it easier to spread on the bread.
  3. You can prepare the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with white bread type of bread, depending on the size of the bread, less or more peanut butter and jelly. 
  4. Depending on a person’s lifestyle or needs, you can substitute bread for low-carb bread or free vegan bread.
  5.  While flipping the sandwich halfway during cooking time, be careful as the top, and bottom parts might want to slide—however, a toothpick to hold this and which is down or use the air fryer rack.
  1.  Bread ( any of your choice that works perfectly)
  2. Jelly
  3.  Peanut butter ( you can prefer crunchy or smooth)
  4.  Butter ( it is optional bad. If you want that crunchy crust, then you must go for it) 
 Step by step instructions:

 Below we have shared said easy air-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich instructions so you can follow them and prepare just how we did ours.

  • First, get the two slices of your preferred bread; now, add some jam to one slice of bread and peanut butter to the other.
  • Now close up both bread and make it a sandwich, place them into an air fryer tray.
  • To acquire that crunchy crust, you can brush some outside of the bread with a bit of butter. 
  • Next, the good thing is you do not have to preheat the air fryer for this, just said the air fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Now let the peanut butter and jelly sandwich air fry for 4 to 5 minutes thoroughly until it acquires a slightly crispy and brown texture on the outside.
  • Halfway through the cooking interval and sure to flip the sandwich over. But be careful while doing this since there is a chance that the sandwich may want to slide due to the gooeyness inside.
  • Once air frying is done, take the sandwich from the air fryer, cut it in half or your favorite shape (optional) and enjoy!

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PB&J roll-up air fryer method:

air fryer pbj

PB&J roll-up air fryer method

This PB&J roll-up air fryer recipe is no different from the recipe mentioned above. There is only one significant difference: you have this in the air fryer, peanut butter and jelly is; it is all rolled up.

  •  Bread of your choice
  •  Jelly
  •  Peanut butter
  •  Melted butter
 Step by step instructions:
  • First, take a rolling pin to roll out the bread as flat as possible.
  • Now cut off the crash to make the bread into a square shape.
  • Using a knife, spread some peanut butter, add jelly on it, and spread properly.
  • It’s time to roll the bread into a tube shape gently. Make sure to pinch both ends of the roll-up to seal it.
  • Now spray the roll of bread with some melted butter.
  • Let it air fry at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 5 minutes or until it acquires a golden brown texture.

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A healthier alternative for the PBJ air fryer recipe:

  1.  Yes, you will be glad to know there is a healthier alternative to this PBJ air fryer recipe; all you have to do is adjust some ingredients to make it a healthy version. Below, we have the perfect ingredients to swap for you; use them.
  2.  Firstly you can use a low-carb bread to keep the carb count low.
  3.  Second, you can use your jam or sugar-free jelly instead of jelly to cut down on sugar.
  4.  Last, people usually use natural peanut butter for this recipe as it does not contain added sugars. However, if individuals are allergic to peanuts, there are some excellent peanut butter alternatives. You can go for almond butter, soy butter, or sunflower butter.

 How to store them?

 To put it precisely, air fryer peanut butter and jelly do not store all that well. The sole reason for preparing it in the air is that it is crispy and hot out when you eat them. So we would recommend preparing only as many PB&J sandwiches as you will consume and not extra.

How long to air fry pb&j?

Set the air fryer at 375 degrees for a consistent 3 to 5 minutes and flip over through the halfway interval. You can repeat for the next three more minutes to acquire that crispy golden brown texture to make it more crusty and delicious.

Do you need to preheat the air fryer pbj for this recipe? 

 Most air fryer recipes do not require preheating because air fryers heat up quickly. But if you are using an air fryer to prepare dinosaur nuggets, popcorn, or steak, then preheating becomes mandatory. And while preparing a fryer peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you do not have to preheat the air fryer likely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a peanut butter and jelly and air fryer?

 Yes, you can, but ensure to keep your air fryer at 375 degrees Fahrenheit without preheating. Ensure to flip it halfway through to get the desired tasty results.

 Weather peanut butter or jelly goes first on the bread?

 The thing is, peanut butter is thicker than jelly, so it is highly recommended to spread the jelly over the peanut butter once it is finely melted. Applying jelly along the edges would be great and then spreading the peanut butter between the layers.

 How many calories are in an air-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

 It was discovered that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich contains 500 calories and 24 grams of fat before air frying. But after it is air-fried, it is filled with 1000 calories.

 The Bottom line:

 So we hope that you find this air fryer peanut butter and jelly or air fryer pbj recipe easy, fun, and tasty, so you might prepare it in a moment and get a perfect snack for kids or yourself. We know you will be fretting about the calories but trust me, it is worth it as we have shared some other healthy options, so you do not have to compromise on your cravings.

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