Top 5 Best Air fryer Steamers in 2022 – Review + Using Tips

To discuss all these things in detail that can steam food in an air fryer, whether there is a difference, and what versatile air fryer steamers are available in the market. You will be reading everything in this article. I hope you discover answers to all of your questions and found our recommendations helpful.

Until now, you are so sure about the air fryers and their versatility being gushed everywhere because it is an All-in-One appliance that can grill, roast, air fry, roast, dehydrate, and whatnot. But one thing that means is appliances an exceptional one is that they make foods crispy and not soggy. Among other features, steaming is also an important part where foods are cooked by the hot steam surrounding them. 

But the main question is whether air frying and steaming are quite different or the same? To put it precisely, air frying is done without liquids or just a tablespoon of oil, whereas the steaming method requires water.

Can you steam in an air fryer?

Air fryer Steamers

If you are looking for steaming with air fryer convenience, you must go for the products we have shared above. We will share all the possible reasons below because it is not a good idea to steam in an air fryer.

  • Firstly air fryers release hot heat. Of course, most air fryers’ models are built with vent holes that cannot be closed. Some air fryer models are manufactured with vent holes that can be completed. 
  • But think yourself whether it wouldn’t be horrifying to trap steam in a unit that cannot handle water? It is worth thinking about because it will ultimately damage the appliance.
  • The second point is the placement of parts. In an air fryer, the foods are placed beneath the heating element, and there is not enough space available for liquid.

How to steam with air fryer:

Above, I have briefly explained the functionalities of an air fryer in precise words. But to make the air fryer’s whole structure even more understandable and avoid the misconception that you can stream in an air fryer, we got your back to clear all these. 

  • Firstly, we have learned that an air fryer does not carry enough space even for a drop of water, so it will be foolish to ask how to steam with an air fryer. Both are poles apart.
  • The primary purpose of an air fryer is to deliver crispy food without oil. And on the contrary, steam makes the food soggy and moist upon heating. Hope you are clear now!

Top 5 Air fryer Steamers: Highly Recommended Picks

Nowadays, people are widely interested in air frying, roasting, toasting, etc. It is a complete bonus having all these features in one appliance saving your kitchen space and enhancing your cooking experience like a pro. But to flourish your happiness, what if I say we have curated the top 5 air fryer steamers below to excite your interest in an air fryer.

1.PowerXL Air Fryer Steamer 7 QT

Product dimensions16.7 x 16.7 x 16 inches
 Item weight20.4 pounds
 Capacity7 quarts
 Wattage1700 watts

 Yes, when it comes to air fryer with steamer, the first product that tops the list is Power XL 7-qt air fryer 10-1, which is atop tire choice and with legitimate reviews that you can not simply avoid. Scroll down below to know more exclusive features.

 Special features:

 Perfect steaming: 

 This air fryer oven with a steam feature helps in perfectly steaming baked goods and vegetables. For an instant, it gives a great taste if you steam cabbage with beef sausage. You can also roast potatoes and chicken, which will surely give impressive results just like you want to have them.

 Convenient capacity:

This air fryer steamer comes with an extra-large 7qt air fryer and multi cooker combo so you can effortlessly for your entire family and have a great time having dinner for parties with friends.

 Built-in commercial streaming technology:

This exceptional air fryer comes with built-in commercial steaming technology for shellfish, vegetables, or bakery-style bread, bagels, pretzels, and whatnot. 

 Air crisp technology:

This air fryer steamer combo gives crispy and golden fried foods using air crisp technology with up to 70% fewer calories from fat. It is possible to cook tender fall-off bone ribs and chicken wings with crispy crust without worrying about calories and fat. Isn’t it an already healthy option?

 10-1 cooking preset functions:

 It comes with 10 in 1 LED digital one-touch cooking preset functions. All you have to do is press a button to choose your tasks like air tries to toast steam, crisp combo, bake, broil, dough proofing, defrost and reheat. Now you are one step away from relishing multiple mouth-watering dishes.

 Temperature settings:

It is a 1700 w air fryer with reasonable temperature control of up to 400°. You can set the temperature accordingly to your favorite recipes your cooking.

 Safety feature:

Fortunately, this air fryer with steamer comes with an auto shut-off feature and comfort handle that is sure to avoid any unintentional accidents during cooking. And the auto shut-off feature automatically stops once the cooking cycle ends.

 Included accessories:

This Power XL air fryer comes with extra accessories, including a 7qt air fryer basket with a comfort handle steamer, air fryer rack, recipe book, grill pan, and muffin pan.

 Clean up faster:

This family-size air fryer comes with dishwasher-safe parts that make the cleaning process faster and easier.

  • Extraordinary steaming technology
  • Air crisp technology
  • 7qt cooking basket
  • 10 in 1 LED digital panel
  • 11 preset functions
  • Included accessories
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • It takes some extra time to steam vegetables.

2. Ultrean 16 Quart Steam Air Fryer

Product dimensions13.9 x 14.8 x 15.7 inches
Item weight18 pounds
 Capacity16 quarts
Voltage120 volts (AC)

Our second product is Ultrean steam air fryer oven which is an excellent air fryer steamer combo you will come across. It is an All-in-One appliance with great features and exquisite space-saving design that will perfectly accord to your kitchen countertop. It comes with a product dimension of 13.9 x 14.8 x 15.7 inches. Just begin the air frying and steaming experience today. 

 Special features:

Full steam mode:

This steam air fryer oven comes with a full steam mode function that locks ingredients’ nutrition and natural flavors with steam. So overall, this air fry and steam combination in one cooking process ensure perfect results for roast beef, chicken, baked bread, and whatnot. 

 Air fry mode:

This air fryer comes with an air fry mode that cooks with hot air circulation and consumes less oil. And by one press, you can add additional steam during air frying to get a juicy taste or create a crispy crust. 

 8 air frying preset functions:

This multifunctional air fryer and steamer in one appliance comes with 8 preset functions, including french fries pizza, bbq, chicken wings, fish, nuts, potato bake. Moreover, you can use the oven to steam air fry, bake, boil, roast, or toast food.

 Capacity and design:

This exceptional steam air fryer comes with a 16-quart family size capacity with a three-layer design to offer ample space to add and cook more foods simultaneously and efficiently serve your whole family or friends. All hail to the food-grade stainless steel interior, which is rustproof and durable to use. 

 Temperature settings:

It comes with an adjustable time of 1-6 minutes and an adjustable temperature ranging from 100- 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can set settings accordingly and explore more delicious dishes with this exceptional air fryer and steam oven.

 LCD touch screen:

The other bonus of this air fryer with steamer is it comes with an LCD touch screen that makes it easy to operate without any hassle.

 Large visible window:

It is designed with a large visible window and bright interior light to easily monitor food. It ultimately gives you all control over the cooking process without even opening the door. It features a double-layer glass that is clean and transparent, ensuring safe and long-lasting use.

 Pre-programmed self-cleaning feature:

It is yet another extraordinary feature of this appliance. You have just to press the button to start the self-cleaning process so you can enjoy the time of cooking and a safe time for cleaning.

  • Ultimate steaming and air frying combination
  • 8 preset functions
  • Hot air circulation technology
  • Family size cooking capacity
  • Exquisite design
  • Large visible window
  • LCD touch screen
  • Pre-programmed self-cleaning function
  • Sometimes it takes two or three times to activate a function.

3. FOTILE Chefcubii 4-in-1 Air Fryer steamer combo

Product dimensions25.7 x 23 x 14.2 inches
Item weight37.9 pounds
Capacity30 quarts
Voltage 120

 Our third choice is Fotile 4 in 1 countertop convection steam and air fryer combo. This appliance is known for its versatility and advanced steam bake mode, making it a great option to cook all kinds of ingredients in one device. The best thing is that it is energy efficient and does not consume most electricity even if you use it frequently. The product dimensions are 25.7 x 23 x 14.2 inches, and its compactness will surely give a sleek look to your kitchen countertop.

 Special features:


This appliance is known for its multifunctionality is like bake, steam, air fry, grill, toaster, reheat, rice cooker, and dehydrate. So overall, it is a 4-1 versatile oven with a precise and wide range of temperature control that saves space in your kitchen countertop and fulfills all your cravings and cooking requirements.

 Innovative steam bake feature:

This steam air fryer is designed with an innovative steam bake feature that has precise moisture control that ensures even heating and locks the moisture and juices in your ingredients to keep it tender and juicy filled with full of flavors. 

 Healthy cooking experience:

The steam cooking feature preserves more nutrients than the other high heat cooking techniques. On top of that, it does not demand much oil requirement, which ultimately cuts down the fats and calories.

 Great design:

This air fryer with steamer comes with a sizeable portable water tank and orange ring light control knobs for easy and comfortable operation. It is built of three-layered doors that prevent heat transfer and heat loss. 

Large see-through window:

The convenience of large see-through windows is excellent because it lets you have a closely observing experience of the cooking process without even opening the door.

40 + preset functions:

It comes with 40 plus preset menus that let you cook all tasty recipes effortlessly you desire. One step away from being your home pro chef.

 3 steam modes:

To help you consistently relish the natural flavor in your food, this appliance features 3 steam modes that include regular steam (195°F – 230°F), low steam (86°F – 194F) and high steam (230°F).


What we like
  • Great design
  • Multifunctionalities
  • 4 heating levels
  • Innovative steam bake feature
  • 40+ preset functions
What we don’t like
  • A bit challenging to handle all the functions at first
  • Slightly expensive

4. Ninja OP305 Foodi 6.5 Quart Pressure Cooker, Air Fryer with Steamer:

Product dimensions14.25 x 16.75 x 13.1 inches
Item weight24.25 pounds
Capacity4 quarts
Wattage1460 watts

 Our fourth choice is Ninja OP305 foodi air fryer and steamer in one and a combination of a pressure cooker that gives foods a crispy texture every time. Besides this, there are other exclusive features which you must know. It comes with a 14.25 x 16.75 x 13.1 inches product dimension and fits in your kitchen countertop. However, it is heavy to store and move around, but it will be worth trying with the perspective of features.

 Special features:

 Steaming feature:

First, let’s discuss its excellent streaming and air frying feature. For instance, you can look for the manual and follow the directions to set the temperatures and achieve crispy results if you cook a pork loin. 

 Tender crisp technology:

Along steaming with air fryer, the pressure cooker, air fryer, tender-crisp technology lets you quickly acquire cooked ingredients. On the other hand, the crisping lid offers you a perfect crispy golden texture finishing your foods.


This steam air fryer comes with a 6.5-quart ceramic coated pot that is convenient to cook a roast for an entire family. And a 4qt cook and crisp basket can hold up to 5 pounds of chicken or 3 pounds of french fries easily.

 Faster cooking:

The pressure cooks up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods. You can air fry with up to 75% less oil or fat than traditional frying methods but still relish deep-fried french fries without the stress of calories and fats.

 14 levels of safety:

This air fryer is entirely safe to use as it is certified with rigorous testing offering the complete confidence and trust to have complete peace of mind while cooking.

 No defrosting:

You can acquire frozen to crispy in a moment. You can skip defrosting and save time ultimately. Moreover, you can earn evenly cooked frozen foods from the inside out, beginning with pressure cooking and ending off with the crispy method of your choice.

Included accessories & Easy cleaning:

This appliance comes with a crisping lid, pressure lid, crisp basket stainless steel reversible rack. As the pot is ceramic coated, it is entirely non-stick PTFE, PFOA, and BPA-free, making it easy to clean all the time.

What we like
  • Authentic streaming experience
  • Convenient capacity
  • 14 levels of safety
  • No defrosting
  • Tender crisp technology
  • Included accessories
What we don;t like
  • It is a bit bulky

5. Curtis Stone 6.9-Quart Dura-Pan Air Fryer Steamer Combo

Product dimensions13 x 15 x 15 inches
Item weight14 pounds
Capacity6.9 quarts

 This Curtis stone air fryer steamer is an excellent healthy cooking appliance. It is a versatile machine with steaming air fry and other exclusive features. It uses little less to no oil and simultaneously delivers delicious and crispy fried recipes. Healthy cooking has never been so easy where it is unbelievingly possible. It comes with a product dimension of 13 x 15 x 15 inches. And compact in size to fit perfectly in your kitchen countertop.

Special features:

Convenient basket capacity:

This exceptional steam air fryer comes with a 6.9 QT non-stick food basket. It easily fits of whole 5-6 lbs chicken entire family can relish it. 

 Great steaming function:

It comes with a sizeable 1-liter water container which offers continuous use of steam function so you can steam veggies, fish, seafood, and meats quickly.

 Descaling feature:

This appliance comes with an indicator light that automatically gets on after 24 hours of use to ensure consistent descaling.

 LED display panel with touch screen:

It is built with an LED display and a touch screen to easily monitor cooking time and temperature. Overall this convenient feature makes it easy to operate the appliance.

 Safety feature:

This appliance is fabricated with an auto shut-off feature to prevent any accidents while removing the basket while cooking. And a non-slip foot-in appliance helps it maintain the stableness and keep secured on the kitchen countertop. 

 Customizable temperature settings:

This appliance comes with 3 cooking modes: air fry, steam, and steam fry. You can choose any of them according to your recipes. You can make use of the preset feature or manual settings. Moreover, the temperature control ranges from 175-400 degrees Fahrenheit and the timer can conveniently set for up to 60 minutes. 

 Easy cleaning:

This steam air fryer comes with a non-stick coated air fryer basket and steamer tray for easy cleaning. It is entirely PFOA free, making it safe to use for a prolonged period.

What we like
  • Convenient basket capacity
  • LED display with touch screen
  • 3 cooking modes
  • 4 layers of non-stick coating basket and tray
  • PFOA free Customizable temperature settings Descaling and safety feature
What we don’t like
  • Slight problem with the digital panel

Food steamer vs air fryer:

Well, this question makes enough sense. Whether air fryer or steamer have any difference or not. But we have concluded that there is enough difference between air fryer and steamer, which is briefly discussed below.

 Air fryer:

 Firstly an air fryer works using the heating element. When the heating element begins heating the air inside the chamber, it is commonly known as rapid air fryer technology. During this stage, the fan in the air fryer will release the hot air heated by the element at the foods being dried out or cooked. It is how the foods get a crispy texture.

  •  Furthermore, there is a reaction in an air fryer known as the Maillard reaction, which offers the air-fried food an exquisite taste like a deep fryer without even using much oil. 
  •  So it is how an air fryer work. It is nothing but a healthy alternative appliance to a deep fryer. 


A steamer works with moist heat so utterly opposite to an air fryer that cooks food by circulating dry heat. It is why both methods generate entirely different results.

  •  The first thing you have to ensure is that you have added sufficient water. It will help prevent the steamer from boiling dry because it will most likely damage and burn your pot.
  •  So the essential element of steaming is water. The water must be added to the steamers water reservoir. The heating element further heats it until it begins to boil and generate vapor.

 Now, as the steam arises, it surrounds the foods located on the trays, placed in a capsule on top of the water reservoir. It is how the hot steam cooks the foods. However, the steamed food is in no way similar to the air-fried food both in texture and taste.

 IMP NOTE The only common thing between the air fryers and steamers is they are not very complicated to operate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q1 – Is it ok to add water to an air fryer?

    If you are into steaming food, you must need water which is quite apparent. But an air fryer does not have enough space for liquid, and it can’t handle moisture very well. So it’s not a good idea to put water in an air fryer unless you want your appliance to malfunction or get damaged.

  2. Q2 – Is it normal for an air fryer to release steam?

    Of course, when there is water inside the air fryer while cooking food, it will evaporate. So it is normal for steam to come out of an air fryer it is cooking. But ensure once the cooking is finished, the steaming will stop.

  3. Q3 –  Whether it is possible to steam dumplings in an air fryer?

     No, you cannot steam the dumplings in an air fryer, but air frying will always be a good idea as it will turn out delicious. Air fried dumplings have crisp outer textures and are juicy from the inside, whereas steamed dumplings are juicy and moist.

 The Bottom line:

After the considerable hustle and explanations, we have covered enough information about the air fryer steamer. We hope that it’s now crystal clear for you. And still, if you desire to have an air fryer with a steamer, you can go for the products we have shared above, so you do not regret it while experimenting.

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