Why My Air Fryer Stopped Working [2021]- Reasons & Solutions

Since the market has introduced the air fryer,  ultimate hype has begun and continues because this appliance cooks food with little less oil, and with the circulation of heated air, it produces healthy food.  This appliance has become a common kitchen use, and because of its quick cooking characteristic, it is used frequently.  But it is common for any appliance, when used more frequently may run into problems like air fryer stopped working issue. 

The main problem starts with your air fryer stopped working, and now it does not turn on.  Confirming that the device is plugged into a power socket will be helpful, whether the basket is inserted properly and the timer is set.  You can also check for the air fryer’s cables for cuts or damage.

Moreover, it also depends on the ceremic air fryer’s model, so it is quite challenging to determine what is exactly wrong with your air fryer.  Sometimes it can be easy to fix the issue, but sometimes you have to contact the manufacturer. This article will help you with all your air fryer not working problem.

5 Most Common Air Fryer Problems in 2021-22:

Why My Air Fryer Stopped Working

Nowadays, air fryers have become a common appliance in everybody’s kitchen. Therefore, many people are unaware of the pitfalls and common issues they message when this appliance is not used properly or more frequently.  The best way to figure out why your air fryer is not working is to turn it on and see what happens.  Even if you turn it on and it does not work, follow the things given below.

1 – Your air fryer will release the white smoke: – When your air fryer releases the white smoke, then there is nothing to worry you can fix it yourself.  the problem arises when it releases the black smoke, which means you have to take your air fryers for repair

Your air fryer will release white smoke when there is an excess of fat in the food items being cooked.  But you can avoid this problem by ensuring that the royal collection has no excess oil of fat and is clean. Also, make sure you put less fatty ingredients for food items in your air fryer to cook

2 – You are air fryer is not getting any power even if it is switched on: This problem is pretty straightforward.  The solution to the service you need replacing.  But it is good for you to check everything before going to buy a new one.  Check  if everything is connected properly and their fuses are all running

Check out the timer and ensure it is not yet because sometimes, the air fryer does not turn on if the timer is still running.  if none of these are working, then replacing your air fryer with a new one or getting it fixed is the only possible solution

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3 – Your air fryers suddenly go off while you are still cooking: The first thing you have to do is to check out the wall called outlet.  Check if the cord is well connected; if the cable is not, then we insert it.  It might be possible it would get back on again. But if the air fryer still goes off in between cooking,  Examine the outlet’s circuit breaker.  You can also check other options around it before you check the panel itself.

You can also resolve this issue by going through the air fryer to know if there is any faulty component.  Sometimes the issue could be a result of an effective plug for the power cable. At this stage, taking the air fryer to a repair shop will be advisable.

4 – Why your air fryer produces too much noise? – The fan would be the reason for this.  If the fan is rotating at a very high speed,  it is not unusual to produce noise in the process.  The fan is what gives the internal components cool and can generate noise reaching up to 65 decibels. It is about as loud as the noise created by a standard vacuum.  And if you identified that the fan is the cause of the noise, there is nothing to stress about it.

5 – One of the components is loose: If you hear unusual sounds like rattling noise, a possible issue is that one of the parts inside the air fryer is not fixed properly or is loose.  In this case, you should switch off the air fryer and give it time to get it cool.  Further, you can clean and  inspect the interior to see if any other component needs to be tightened.

Top Reasons – Why my Air Fryer Stopped Working:

Depending upon your air fryer brand, the problem of an air fryer is not working or won’t start. However, according to the brands, there are multiple simple solutions to get your air fryer up and make it run in no time.

  • Check the power source 
  • Repair or replace the power cable 
  • Security food basket, i.e., place it properly until you hear a click sound it means  the basket is properly placed 
  • Manually press the start button

Air fryer touch screen not working:

Your digital air fryer features a touch screen panel.  The procedure to properly operate the touch screen panel is to use your finger to lightly touch tap or press the buttons on your air fryer when making selections.  However, the touch screen panel will fail to work if you unnecessarily push down with excessive force on the buttons, which may damage the touch screen panel of your air fryer.

Air fryer timer not working:

The problem why your air fryer timer is not working is because the software of your air fryer may be interrupted.  To resolve this problem, you just have to unplug the appliance and wait for 3 to 5 minutes before plugging it in again.  if  the timer still does not come down, then it is time to contact your manufacturer or expert technician

  • Philips air fryer not turning on: If your Philips air fryer does not switch on,  you have to go through  the below troubleshooting advice to simpler solve this by yourself:
  • Too many appliances are plugged into the same socket: If too many devices are plugged into the same socket, your Philips air fryer might not work.  It is suggestible to unplug the other appliances or use another socket.
  • The plug is not properly inserted into the socket: you have to ensure that the plug of your Philips air fryer is correctly inserted into the socket
  • The timer has been set for 5 minutes or less: Depending upon the timing setting you have,  your Philips air fryer can be switched on or switched off.  If the timer was set below 5 minutes, it could be the possible reason your Philips air fryer is not turning on.

Air fryer troubleshooting: An ultimate Solution

An air fryer is an electronic gadget used in the kitchen, and it applies a convention mechanism.  This mechanism means it cooks by circulating the hot air around the food. Air fryer tools are an advanced option of conventional air fryers.  However, like any other electronic equipment, air fryer is also prone to create failures, and the only possible solution is to troubleshoot the air fryer.  But you have to know that every air fryer brand is different in designs and sometimes its features.  So before troubleshooting your air fryer of the brand you possess, make sure you go through the manual.  Here are below, we are going to discuss the two popular brands and how to troubleshoot them.

#Philips Air Fryer Troubleshooting:

Problem:  The outside of the appliance becomes hot during use

Possible cause:  The heat inside radiates to the outside on the wall

Solution:  It is normal.  All handles and knobs you need to touch during use stay cool enough to touch. The pan,  basket, and the appliance’s interior always become hot when the device is switched on to ensure the food is properly cooked.  These parts are always too hot to touch.  If you leave the appliance switched on for longer, some areas get too hot to touch.  So as long as you are aware of the hot spots and avoid touching them, this appliance is completely safe to use.

#The homemade fries do not turn out as expected:

Possible cause:  You did not use the right potato type,  or the amount of ingredients in the basket is too big.

Solution:  The former one is to use fresh floury potatoes to get the best cooking results.  And the solution for the latter one is to read the Philips air fryer manual and follow the exact description mentioned under the homemade fries.

#The air fryer does not switch on:

Possible cause:  The appliance is not properly plugged in

Solution:  Check if the plug is properly inserted into the wall outlet.

#Some feeling of spot inside the air fryer:

Possible causes:  Some small spots can appear inside the pan on the air fire due to the incident attaching or scratching of the coating.

Solution:  You can prevent damage by lowering the back get into the pan properly.  If you insert the basket at an angle, it sides me not against the fan’s wall, causing small coating pieces to chip off.  If this occurs, please be informed that this is not harmful as all materials used are safe.

#If the display shows “E1.”

Possible causes:  the device is a defect or broken

Solution: You can call the Philips customer service hotline or contact consumer care to replace your device.

These are the Philips air fryer troubleshooting possible causes and suitable solutions

Ninja Air Fryer Stopped Working:

  • The air fryer is not plugged in properly:

Ninja Air Fryer comes with a two-prong power cord which you have to get into a wall outlet properly.  You have to make sure that the cord is securely connected to the wall outlet.  If the outlet is GFCI  protected,  and ensure that the outlet has not tripped by ensuring that the reset button has been pressed down.

  • Basket is not properly installed:

The Ninja air fryer comprises safety characteristics and features that do not allow the appliance to be powered on. However, to fix this problem, just remove the basket, insert it back into the device, and ensure that the basket properly fits, resolving the Ninja Air Fryer stopped working problem.

  • Unresponsive controls:

If you find your Ninja air fryer controls are and responses, then using it further will be next to impossible, or even continuously pressing all the buttons will also not help.  The common cause behind this problem is the standby mode of the air fryer.  You can fix this issue by taking the air fryer off standby mode.  It is advisable to hit the power button as it will activate the air fryer.  To conserve energy, the air fryer automatically enters its standby mode, which you can get into normal by pressing the power button to activate it.

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  1. What do you do when your air fryer stops working?

    If your air fryers stop working or do not turn on, you have to confirm that your appliance is plugged into a functioning power socket properly, the timer is set, and the basket is placed properly.  Moreover, try unplugging the air fryer for 10 minutes to let it reset, then plug it back in and power it.

  2. How do you reset an air fryer?

    To reset your air fryer, you must press the temperature up and time up button simultaneously for about 10 seconds.  After doing research, your air fryer cannot be operated for a moment.  Wait for a minute then you can restart the device.

  3. Can an air fryer overheat?

    The air fryer can get heated if proper safety precautions are not taken; the root cause of your air fryer being heated is because you include too much oil or if you overfill your air fryer pot.

  4. How long do air fryers last?

    Air fryers can last from 6 months to 2 years depending on how often you use them and how you maintain it is important to concern.  Depending upon it, durability can be expected.


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