Do Air fryer Under $30 Exist? [Yes…But u should know this]

Air fryers have been the most fantastic addition to your kitchen. No doubt whatsoever, people are going crazy about it and trying to avail it at the most inexpensive rate possible. And the best part is that some manufacturers still produce air fryers under $30, but the real question is, do a $30 air fryer is it worth getting one?

So practically, it depends, but Amzn brings time to time sales for their customer that’s indeed one motivating factor for such consumers. But if you are in a hurry to know all the possible available air fryer under $30. Now let’s get into this ride together!

What did Google say for Air fryer under $30?

Air fryer Under $30

 Sometimes the information imputed by Google is unlikely to be true! But still, we reached Google to know the available cheap or under dollar 30 air fryer; of course, the page shows some relevant results, but regrettably, we say that those results were precisely tagged with under $40 or $50 headline. 

 Bat, we won’t disappoint you as you are here to discover under-dollar 30 air fryers, so we have curated some models that might be the best picks for you.

Let’s surf some more:

We have decided to help you choose an air fryer, which is not strictly available at a dollar 30 range. Still, you can consider air fryers at affordable options. Those air fryers include Bella 2.9 QT, Instant Vortex, Dash compact air fryer. We gladly recommend you to go for these $40 air fryers without a second thought. We have concluded that when it comes to small or inexpensive air fryers, they are literally all the same.

The unfortunate reality:

 Out of these air fryer brands, the question still pops up in many minds is whether an air fryer under 30 dollars is available in the market? Because the products we have mentioned above are not accurately $30 or under $30, the price range may be close to $40 because no air fryer brands can manufacture products at such an inexpensive rate. At last, we have convinced ourselves after searching enough on Google, Amzn page, and even YouTube videos, which only shows nearby $30 air fryers and not precisely at that rate.

 So the reality is after surfing many air fryers on Amzn, at last, I found one which I have mentioned above, the air fryer under 30 dollars range or somewhere near close to that amount.

Top picks for Air fryer under $40 – Detailed Review

CHEFMAN Small 2 QT Compact Air Fryer:

When you head over the Amzn website for under dollar 30 air fryer, you will come across this Chefman 2 quart compact air fryer. It is ideal for a small family with a cooking capacity of 2 quarts and can hold items weight up to 5.69 pounds. It saves kitchen space significantly with the excellent product dimensions of 9.75 x 9.75 x 12.5 inches. So you don’t have to fret about carrying it as it is less weight compact and portable, letting you easily store it in all the places without any hassle.

image source-
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 Healthy air frying:

 With this ultimate air fryer, you can achieve perfect fried foods with little or without oil. So you can bid goodbye to profound fry ideas and introduce a healthy air frying experience to relish chicken, french fries, and whatnot in a great healthy way.


The next best thing about this air fryer is it comes with a perfect compact size that makes an ideal choice for your kitchen cabinet, office, or dorm.


This $30 air fryer comes with manual temperature control and 60 minutes incorporated timer that lets you easily air fry anything from chicken to frozen veggies and even reheat leftover dessert. 

 Temperature settings:

It comes with wide temperature settings ranging from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It lets you cook at your desired temperature according to your recipes to acquire crispy, healthy, and great fried texture by using 98% less oil than deep fryers.

 Safety features:

This small air fryer for under $30 comes with a cool-touch exterior and auto-shutdown feature that ensure extra safety and security while cooking and avoid unintentional accidents.

 Easy cleaning:

The air fryer basket and tray are detachable and top-rack dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to find any difficulty cleaning it after preparing every meal.

What we like
  • Compact and lightweight
  •  Easy to operate
  •  Safety features
  •  Multifunctionalities
  •  60 minutes timer
  •  Manual temperature control
What we like
  • Not ideal for a large family

Aria Premium 2 Qt. Retro Style Ceramic Air Fryer:

air fryer under $30

Product Dimensions9 x 9 x 11.75 inches
Item Weight6 pounds
ManufacturerAria Air Fryers

Now, this Aria Premium 2 Qt. Retro Style Ceramic air fryer is our second choice under the small air fryer under $30 category. It goes perfectly on your kitchen countertop and gives you a nice retro look. It is a single-person air fryer with fast cooking capacity. Overall it is a perfect air fryer if you are not getting a digital type. But it is worth a try!

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 AriaFlow technology:

 It comes with the AriaFlow technology that reduces the need for oil and eliminates the fat in your meals by 90%. So with this air fryer, you can acquire healthy and immune-boosting meals like vegetables lean meats faster than ever. Overall it is a healthy option to protect your immunity heart and stay fit.

 Retro dial:

It comes with a unique retro dial feature that lets you accurately adjust cooking temperature and duration at any point.

 Heat technology:

Now you can bake, fry, grill, reheat, roast, and toast your favorite desserts, meats, breakfast vegetables, and much more as this heats to 400 degrees in seconds and deliver super-hot air to your food from all angles. It gives an even texture and satisfying crunch with tender insides to your food to enjoy fried food with less mess and calories.

 No more leftovers:

If you have soggy fries, leftover pizza, or other dishes, this air fryer is an All-in-One solution. The powerful airflow technology removes the excess moisture and makes your leftovers super crispy so you can enjoy them any time.

 Eco friendly:

This air fryer comprises ceramic parts utterly free of Teflon, BPA, PFOA, PTFE, and lead. On top of that, the ceramic coating will never rust, peel, or flake and is a fantastic heat conductor for even cooking.

 Easy cleaning:

 The ceramic coating in all parts makes the cleaning process easier as every piece is dishwasher safe and non-stick, making a cleanup process breeze so you can spend more time relishing tasty dishes.

What we like
  • Retro dial model
  •  Ceramic coated parts and Teflon free
  •  AriaFlow technology
  •  Powerful heat settings
  •  Easy cleanup process
What we don’t
  • It would have been better if it came with the temperature control settings

Important note:

 We understand that you are still confused or not convinced. But you know the drill; still, if you are not completely satisfied with our words, you can explore the Amzn listing and go through them. And if you have found an air fryer under 30, do comment and let us know. Because a lot of research is needed to get the air fryer at that precise amount, which is a lot more time-consuming, the only fair enough option is to buy a product to that somewhat close range.

The Bottom Line

We have shared the reality in this article about existence of air fryer under $30. When it comes to under 30$ air fryer, only Aria Premium 2 Qt. Retro is closest to 30$. I hope you all like my article and will appreciate it. Let us know your views through comments! Thanks for reading.

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