Top 7 Air fryer with Stainless Steel Basket in 2022 – Buying Guide

Moreover, the plastic basket in an air fryer produces a bad smell, and the non-stick coating material mix with the food, making it very dangerous. So to avoid all the problems, we have brought you an ideal solution in this article where you will come across the air fryer with stainless steel basket, which has proven to be the best alternative to such low-quality air fryers.

Nowadays, the demand for air fryers on the internet is at its peak because it is a compact yet multi-functional appliance that help you acquire and relish crispy foods like a deep fryer. Despite the popularity of the appliance, some individuals are still very doubtful about its plastic quality and Teflon material that has been used in manufacturing areas which are entirely unsafe for health.

These stainless steel air fryers are more durable and robust than ordinary plastic air fryers. It is not coated with any harmful chemicals [ Bpa or Teflon Free ], ultimately easy to clean; more importantly, they are odor-free so that you can have tasty and fresh food every time.

Exceptional benefits of an air fryer with stainless steel basket:

Air fryer with Stainless Steel Basket

 Of course, an air fryer with a stainless steel basket has profuse benefits compared to using an oven for cooking. So if you are considering purchasing an air fryer, you are already lucky to avail such benefits.


 Stainless steel is a durable and robust material. Because of this, the life span of an air fryer with stainless steel basket is more extended than the Teflon plastic or other materials air fryers.

Non-toxic coating:

 The stainless steel interior air fryer has a non-stick coating on the surface of the basket. So you can easily escape the chances of a basket feeling problem even at high temperatures. On top of that, these stainless steel air fryers are free from BPA compounds and other toxic elements like Teflon, cadmium, and lead. So overall, you will we having healthy fried food without the toxic coat contamination.

Top-notch design

 If you have an aesthetic kitchen counter space, then stainless steel air fryer adds more look. The external appearance and the internal compartment have glossy finishing and are finger stain resistant, making it convenient to use and offering durability.

No bad smell:

 Plastic model air fryers have the bothering issue of a foul odor. Still, stainless steel basket is not an issue because it is not fabricated with any plastic material. Moreover, the issue of plastic mixing into your fried food is also resolved, and you can acquire a natural fried food taste every time.

Top 7 air fryer with stainless steel basket

Below is the list of seven stainless steel basket air fryers that will leave you stunned after purchasing. From their designs to features, everything is exceptional, and to dive down to know details, scroll below.

1. Cosori 5.8 QT stainless steel basket air fryer

Product dimensions 12.36 x 12.36 x 12.83 inches
Item weight16.04 pounds
Capacity 5.8 quarts

 Our first choice is the Cosori 5.8 quart stainless steel basket air fryer built with an excellent quality that you will surely admire after purchasing it. Air fryer and basket dimensions measure up to 12.36 x 12.36 x 12.83 inches. This appliance can cut down up to 80% to 85% of oil in your food with its unique rapid air technology ensuring healthy cooking. To know more features, scrolled on below.

Special features:

Stainless steel design:

This appliance’s inner and outer parts are fabricated with high-quality stainless steel material, ensuring durability and safety. The best thing about this appliance is that the basket surface does not have any toxic coating and is completely free from BPA compounds. 


This air fryer is built with a square shape design that offers a complete cooking experience as it can easily hold excess food than round shape air fryers. It comes with a 5.8-quart cooking capacity that makes you quickly cook at least 4-5 members of your family without any hassle. So even if it is a large party or a family gathering, this air fryer is the ultimate appliance that manages extra food cooking.

 No preheating:

The other best thing about this stainless air fryer as it comes with the convenience of skipping the preheating time. This appliance can start cooking in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is simply press the power button menu then begin.

 Nine preset functions:

It comes with 9 preset functions, including chicken, steak, shrimp, seafood, bacon, desserts, vegetable, and frozen foods. You have to is select the required temperature and time for a specific food, and your food will be ready all the way. 

 Power settings:

It has 1700 watt power and innovative heat technology that rapidly generates heat from 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can choose the cooking temperatures from this wide range of options to cook various recipes quickly and fastly than a conventional oven.

 Safety features:

It comes with an auto shut-off feature, and the quality will get activated whenever an individual pulls the basket out. Moreover, overheat protection save your food from overheating or burning. The basket is completely free from PFOA materials and BPA compounds.

 Accessories included:

With this appliance, you will get 100 original recipes book, five skewers, and a durable stainless steel rack to enhance your cooking experience.

 Easy to clean:

Overall this Cosori air fryer with stainless steel basket is easy to clean as it has a non-stick surface that produces a very minimal amount of food mesh. Moreover, the cooking basket is easily detachable and dishwasher safe. So no problem at all.

What we like
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior design
  • LCD digital panel
  • 360-degree rapid air technology
  • BPA and PFOA free
  • Included accessories
  • Nine preset functions
  • Dishwasher safe basket
What we don’t
  • It is extra time because of high-speed fluctuation.

2. Chefman TurboFry with stainless steel air fryer basket

Product dimensions12.75 X 13.5 X 10 inches
Item weight12.8 pounds

Suppose you have a large appetite, but encountering the small kitchen countertop problem might be disappointing. But what if I say that I have short-listed you for an air fryer with stainless steel basket. Yes, our second choice is Chefman Turbo fry is an ideal and affordable choice air fryer under $200 and will indeed accord with your kitchen countertop. The product has a dimension of 12.75 X 13.5 X 10 inches

Special features:

Family size cooking capacity:

 This air fryer comes with an XL 8qt air frying basket that is a perfect choice for a large family to prepare delicious meals by simultaneously reducing 98% oil compared to a deep fryer. The best thing about this basket is it is free from plastic and BPA compounds coating. So you can feed a healthy meal for your whole family.

 Sleek stainless steel design:

This unit is designed with a space-saving square design basket other does not occupy much of your kitchen countertop space. Moreover, it has a sleek stainless steel finishing that gives an aesthetic look and makes the cleaning process more accessible than ever.

 Upgraded digital control system:

You can control the cooking with just the slightest touch by using the digital control panel with capacitive touch control. Moreover, the advanced LED shake reminder is a bonus to ensure that foods are evenly cooked every time.

 Four preset functions:

To make your cooking experience more simple yet delicious, it comes with 4 preset functions that include french fries, fresh chicken, and meat with just a push of a button. You can simply adjust the temperature and duration with the simple touch control.

 Temperature settings:

This air fryer comes with a wide range of cooking temperatures ranging from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit that helps your food acquire crispiness outside and lock the moisture inside.

 Easy cleaning:

The cleanup process is also straightforward with this air fryer as the flat frying tray and basket are a non-stick coating that makes both dishwashers safe. So you can get rid of mess and grease as soon as possible.

What we like
  • Sleek stainless steel design
  •  8-quart capacity basket
  •  Digital control system
  •  4 preset functions
  •  Rapid air technology
  •  Easy cleanup
What we don’t
  • No warm-up or preheat feature.

3. Ultrean Stainless metal Air Fryer with 6QT capacity:

Product dimensions16.46 x 12.24 x 14.52 inches
Item weight17.03 pounds
Capacity6 quarts
Voltage120 volts

Our third choice is Ultrean stainless metal air fryer which is a healthy option as it lets you cook with little less or no oil by simultaneously preparing favorite fried foods without compromising on taste. It comes with the product dimension of 16.46 x 12.24 x 14.52 inches.

 Special features:

Stainless steel exterior:

This air fryer is made of a well and stylish stainless steel exterior with high durable material compared to other air fryer brands. This sleek exterior appearance will go perfectly with your kitchen countertop.


This stainless steel air fryer comes with a 6-quart square-shaped basket that offers you the advantage of cooking more foods inside conveniently compared to a round-shaped basket. Now, you can cook effortlessly for your entire family and relish delicious fried foods.

 Digital control panel:

All you have to do is set the duration and temperature with just a slight touch of your finger. It is so easy to control and operate that even beginners can ace this air fryer.

 8 cooking preset functions:

This air fryer comes with 8 preset cooking functions that let you cook in more than one way you can imagine. It includes an air grill, air roast, bake, french fries, fresh chicken steak, and air fry variety of foods.

 Safety features:

This air fryer comes with an auto shut-off feature. It only needs a few shakes or a pause to turn the food over, and your food will be cooked and ready to serve in no time. The auto shut-off feature helps you have a keen eye for overcooking or burning food.

What we like
  • 6-quart convenient capacity basket
  •  Stainless steel exterior
  •  Rapid air technology
  •  Digital control panel
  •  8 preset functions
  •  Auto shut off feature.
What we don’t
  • Tap or click sounds

4. Yedi Evolution Ceramic Air Fryer Stainless Steel Basket:

Product dimensions18.27 x 14.33 x 17.32 inches
Item weight18 pounds
Capacity6.8 quarts

Our fourth air fryer is Yedi evolution ceramic air fryer with a stainless steel basket, which is a popular and ultimate choice. It is popularly known for its unique aesthetic design that will surely go well with your modern kitchen. The perfect dimension of 18.27 x 14.33 x 17.32 inches Is never disappointing as it fits perfectly on your kitchen countertop.

 Special features:

Stainless steel design:

This air fryer stainless steel basket comes with a 360-degree stainless steel design exclusively developed, conceived, and designed in California. This model is all you need to enhance your kitchen countertop appearance.

 6.8-quart capacity:

The Yedi Evolution is known for its size as it offers an extra total quart capacity compared to other air fryers. Moreover, the stainless steel basket is coated with ceramic and entirely free from BPA, PFOA, PTFE, lead, cadmium, and all types of toxic compounds. So overall, it is safe to cook all kinds of foods with hot air cooking technology that reduces 90% of oil by simultaneously of crispy textured food without compromising the taste. 

 LCD panel:

This air fryer comes with a bright LCD screen that accurately offers all the precise temperature and duration results, so you do not find it harder to operate the settings.

 Temperature settings:

It lets you set the temperature ranging from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes. This wide range of temperatures enables you to conveniently cook all kinds of recipes.


This air fryer allows frying, baking, and dehydrating. Moreover, with the preheating feature, you have to preheat the air fryer for 5 minutes at 180 degrees Fahrenheit to get fast and good cooking results.

 Preset functions:

This air fryer comes with favorite preset functions that include fresh bake, chicken, french fries, veggies, steak, and much more.

 Included accessories:

With the air fryer appliance, you will get 15 perforated parchment steaming papers, a ceramic-coated divider, 8-inch ceramic-coated pizza pan, a cupcake silicone pan, a multipurpose rack with 3 stainless steel skewers for dehydrating, a recipe book with 100 recipes, and cooking mitts which makes the whole package complete.

 Easy to clean:

The basket is detachable, and other included accessories or completely dishwasher safe making it easy to clean.

5. Maxi-Matic EAF-05SS Black 3.2 Quart stainless steel air fryer

Product dimensions11.22 x 12.36 x 11.61 inches
Item weight 3 pounds
Capacity1 liter or 3.2 quart

If you are looking for an air fryer with a stainless steel basket, this elite EAF-05SS Black will be a perfect model. It comes with a compact design that is easy to operate and multi functionalities, making this appliance more popular in the personal air fryer category; it is a perfect choice for a dorm air fryer or a small family. It comes with a product dimension of 11.22 x 12.36 x 11.61 inches and fits perfectly on your kitchen countertop.

 Special features:

304-grade stainless steel basket:

This ultimate air fryer comes with a 304 Grade stainless steel basket with a cooking capacity of 3.2 QT that easily holds 2 pounds of french fries in a single batch. So if you are a family of 2 or 4, you can easily choose this model.

 360 degree Rapid technology:

The combination of highly effective 360-degree rapid technology and a high-quality stainless steel basket makes a bomb combination. It efficiently heated hot air quickly reaches every part of the food and makes it amazingly crunchy with crispy texture without using oil. Overall, you can have guilt-free food of up to 80% less fat with this appliance.

 Temperature settings:

This air fryer has 1400 watt power, and a high-power convection fan generates 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set the temperature settings accordingly to your ingredients and acquire the best results.

 Digital display:

This air fryer with a steel basket comes with a small digital display that shows the precise temperature and duration. It comes with two buttons that will help you modify temperature and time. Also, two indicators indicate the appliance is on or off.

 Preset functions:

With this air fryer, you can air fry, bake, cook, and roast without the stress of fatty oils and enjoy delicacies like chicken tenders, veggie chips, fish fillets, and whatnot.

 Safety features:

This air fryer comes with an auto shut-off feature and preheats function. So before preparing anything individual should preheat the appliance for 5 minutes. And the auto shut-off feature, i.e., a 60-minute timer, automatically shuts the appliance at the end of the cooking cycle. It also comes with a cool-touch handle that lets individuals carefully remove fried food from the appliance without burning their hands.

 Easy cleaning:

The stainless steel basket convenience leaves less food and oil grease, ultimately making the basket dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning. 

What we like
  • Compact design
  •  304-grade stainless steel basket
  •  Multiple preset functions
  •  Small digital display 
  •  Safety features
  •  BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
What we don’t
  • The outer part becomes extremely hot sometimes.

6 – Galanz Combo 8-in-1 Air Fryer with stainless steel interior:

Product dimensions18.27 x 16.3 x 11.22 inches
Item weight 15.4 pounds
Capacity0.9 cubic feet

 Our sixth choice is stainless steel interior air fryer and oven. It is a Galanz model with 1800 watt power that will surely impress you with its appearance and features, which has been the popular reason it has been in the air fryers market recently. It comes with product dimensions of 18.27 x 16.3 x 11.22 inches and will fit perfectly on your kitchen countertop.

 Special features:

Stainless steel design:

This steel air fryer ultimately complements your kitchen decor with its sleek stainless steel and metal design. At this price, it is a fantastic option among other stainless steel air fryers featured today.


This air fryer comes with 0.9 cubic feet that offer enough air frying area so you can cook all of your favorite foods whole family without any hassle.

 Total fry 360 technology:

All the credits are to the total fry 360 technology that lets you air fry with just a little or no oil that makes your food healthier and crunchy at the same time. This better air circulation gives your food a perfect texture precisely as the deep fryers and is better than the traditional air fryers.

 Preset functions:

This preset feature lets you prepare all of your favorite dishes like shrimp, chicken wings, french fries, and whatnot in just a moment. Multifunctionalities like air fry, dehydrator, pizza, toast, convection, broil, bake, and warm are just bonus features for you to enhance the cooking experience.

 Adjustable temperature settings:

These thoughtful customizable temperature settings ranging from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 450-degree Fahrenheit are all set to offer you the convenient cooking of various dishes by modifying the settings according to your recipes.

 LED digital display:

This exceptional air fryer unit comes with a LED digital display to easily switch between manual time and temperature and preset functions.

 Interior light:

The other best thing about this appliance is it comes with a bright interior light that lets you have a complete check on your food inside it without even opening the door.

What we like
  • Totally 360 degrees technology
  •  Stainless steel interior
  •  Adjustable temperature settings
  •  Display panel
  •  Multiple preset functions
  • Easy to clean
What we don’t
  •  The toaster part is not efficient

 7. Innsky Stainless Steel Basket Air Fryer

air fryer with stainless steel basket

Product dimensions12.36 x 14.87 x 12.71 inches
Item weight11.33 pounds
Capacity 5.8 quarts

We are delighted to introduce our 7th choice Innsky stainless steel basket air fryer that is popular for its good quality. From design to features, everything is at its best. This product is BPA and PFOA free making it a 100% safe option and ensuring healthy eating. So it is a perfect option for food-loving lads appliances and breakdown into guilt-free deep-fried foods.

 Special features:

Top-notch design:

This air fryer is built with a top-notch design and material keenly focused on coverage and appearance. It is a stainless steel interior air fryer with a great Innovation and body that ensures durability with zero odor smell during cooking. It has a product dimension of 12.36 x 14.87 x 12.71 inches, So it is a compact space-saving design that goes perfectly on your kitchen countertop. 


This exceptional air fryer comes with a 5.8-quart square-shaped stainless steel basket that makes out more cooking space compared to the round ones. It lets you cook a maximum of 5 to 6 pounds of a whole chicken in a single batch and prepare a perfect family dinner for 4 to 5 members at its best.

 360-degree hot air convection system:

This air fryer is another best feature as this 360-degree hot air convection feature prepares foods 4 times faster than traditional convection ovens. Moreover, it also eliminates fat or oil up to 85% in your food by simultaneously cooking the same crispy textured fried foods like a traditional deep fryer.

Digital display panel:

This air fryer entirely operates on a fully digital system. A bright LED display is a bonus as it offers a precise selection of temperature duration and preset functions.

7 preset functions:

This air fryer features 7 preset modes: chicken, french fries, seafood, shrimp, bread, and vegetables. All these functions have individual button convenience to select them for specific recipes. It allows you to grill roast bake air-fry more precisely with its unique technology.

Temperature settings:

This air fryer comes with high watt power and a wide temperature ranging from 180 degrees that ultimately lets you prepare all your favorite flavor recipes.

Upgraded delay start feature:

The delay start feature is another exceptional up-gradation of this air fryer. It delivers up to 99 minutes and lets you set cooking tasks ahead of time. And the preheat function makes sure ingredients cook faster at the right temperature with proper taste and shape.


It also has 4 new assist cooking features like keeping warm, timer, preheating, and thaw, making even the beginner operate it like a pro.

 Easy to clean:

This air fryer basket is of non-stick design, and it is easily detachable, making it dishwasher safe, so cleaning up is no more a hassle.

What we like
  • Compact design
  •  Stainless steel interior finishing
  •  7 preset functions
  •  Delay and preheat feature
  •  Digital one-touch display
  •  360-degree convection technology
What we don’t
  • Slight issue with the heating elements.

Best buying guide for an air fryer with stainless steel basket and interior:

Air fryer with Stainless Steel Basket


Here are some crucial steps to keep in mind before buying an air fryer with stainless steel basket and interior so you can buy an ideal one that ensures durability with great features.

 Great quality fabrication:

Before purchasing a stainless steel air fryer, it is crucial to check the quality of the material used in the air fryer. The stainless steel used must be of food-grade quality and approved by the FDA department. Moreover, it must not have any toxic coating like BPA a, Teflon lead cadmium, and other toxic compounds. So if you are ensured that it is made of stainless steel, it means it will not peel off and ensure durability. 

 Cooking capacity:

The second important thing is the cooking capacity of an air fryer. You can consider the size of the basket depending upon your family size and your requirements. If you have a small family of 4 to 5 members, then a 5 or 6 quarts air fryer will be ideal. But on having family members of 6-7, you must go for 8 or 10 quarts capacity. However, depending upon the size of the air fryer, the price may also vary, so it depends on your choice.

 Cooking features:

Your chosen air fryer must-have versatile cooking functions like air fry, bake, reheat, dehydrate, keep warm, preheat, and whatnot. So all these loaded features will help you enhance your cooking experience as all the function is available in one appliance. Moreover, the preset functions, temperature, and duration must be easy to operate with a single touch. These kinds of air fryers with accessible preset procedures and cooking modes make the air fryer’s operation a lot easier.

 Safety features:

Safety features are last but essential to consider while buying an air fryer. The thing is, it must be free from any toxic coating or bad smell. Moreover, it must not have any lead, BPA, cadmium, and Teflon compounds. The chosen air fryer must have a cool-touch handle and auto shut off feature automatically after the cooking cycle. Moreover, the air fryer cooking parts must be dishwasher safe and water-resistant.

What foods can be prepared in stainless steel basket air fryer?

 No doubt, there are more than one delicious dishes that you can prepare in this convenient air fryer. How about let’s start with everyone’s favorite french fries?

Yes, but the list does not stop by this. You can also prepare nuggets, fish, chicken, eggs, empanadillas, skewers, and whatnot, even fried eggs! But you have to understand that the main principle of this appliance is to be a deep fryer but by using a little or without oil, still maintaining that great flavor by simultaneously cutting down calories and fat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we put frozen sausage in an air fryer with stainless steel basket?

     Frozen sausages are a great way to have cooked meat when individuals do not feel like cooking. So it can be heated in the air fryer or oven, but all it takes is 5 to 10 minutes more than fresh ones do.

  2.  Does stainless steel air fryer have a peeling problem?

    Unless an air fryer has a Teflon coating, it will make the non-stick upper surface of an appliance basket peel off at high temperatures. But as the air fryers with stainless steel fabrication do not use any BPA compounds cadmium or lead, there is no possibility of feeling problems in the stainless steel air fryers.

  3.  Is cooking food in a stainless steel basket is safe for health?

    It also depends on your air fryer stainless steel material. If your air fryer has food-grade quality material and is approved by the FDA, it is entirely safe for your health.

 The Bottom line:

The air fryer with stainless steel basket has plenty of benefits. Moreover, the stainless steel interior and outer part with excellent finishing give an aesthetic look to the air fryer. On top of that, it is safe to use and free from a plastic odor smell. We have shared various models with small and large cooking chambers to select according to your requirement. Thanks for reading!!

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