Top Rated 7 Best Air Fryers In 2022 – Review & Top Picks

Best Air Fryer is an ultimate commodity in almost every kitchen because it works similarly and more effectively than an oven by comprising baking, roasting features. However, the significant difference is its heating components are placed on the top, accompanied by a powerful fan that delivers mouthwatering and super crispy food at any moment, notably with little less or no oil than traditional air fryers.  

An air fryer is an all-in-one appliance with almost every feature so you can save space on your kitchen countertop. Another fantastic thing about the air fryer is its cleaning process. The majority of the air fryers come with racks and baskets, which are ultimately dishwasher safe. You can clean it without getting stressed.

Below we shared all the best rated air fryers in 2022, so you can make a perfect choice that accompanies year kitchen and cooking skills.

Is air fryer healthy?

Best Air Fryers

The brownie texture and taste of the food cooked on an air fryer are comparatively similar and better than when cooked on a deep fryer. Air fryer delivers food crisp text on the outside and juicy from inside. However, to get better results can add a little bit of oil.

Yes, of course, if you are worried whether the air-fried food is healthy, then yes, when compared to deep-frying, it is a healthier substitute. If you used just one or two tbsp of oil with any favorite seasoning, use more veggies than any other food. Because veggies are always the best option and a key ingredient to managing your weight, reducing chronic disease risk, and enhancing long-term health.

Things to consider before buying the best air fryers:

Best Air Fryers

We understand your struggle while choosing an air fryer, and at most times, you are confused about curating the list of things to consider before buying the best air fryers. So scroll down below to cut down the costly error and buy the perfect air fryers.

Size and capacity:

First, it is mandatory to know the best size for your cooking requirements. If you have a minimal kitchen countertop space, then choose accordingly. On the other hand, capacity is also necessary to consider based on the food you want to cook. If you have a family of four to five members, a 2-5quart air fryer will be enough, and if you have 7-8 family members, a 6-8 liter capacity air fryer will be ideal.

Easy to operate settings:

If you are an experienced one or even a beginner, it is mandatory to go through all the instructions carefully given in the manual. Because every air fryer model has different approaches, the usage method varies according to the new technology. But still, if you hesitate to go for an advanced air fryer, you can go for user-friendly settings up with preset buttons and an easy control feature to cook your favorite dish without any hassle.

Power consumption:

If you buy energy-efficient air fryers, look for the air fryer ratings with minimal power consumption. For instance, if you are cooking consistently for half an hour, the maximum electricity consumption will be half unit of electricity a day. So choose wisely and escape pain high bills.


Voltage is another essential thing to consider. Before choosing the air fryer, you must see whether the appliance can support an 800 w 2500 Watts. It is the standard voltage of an air fryer that is usually used.

Temperature settings:

Make sure to look for the temperature control settings of your chosen air fryer. Because the temperature highly impacts your cooking cycle. The majority of the air fryers cook ingredients perfectly over the 400° temperature. Overall the higher the temperature, your food will get delivered out quickly.

Safety features:

Safety features like a cool-touch handle and auto shut-off feature are a must in your chosen air fryer. Because when these safety features are in-built, it will automatically help you escape the dangerous predictable accidents.

Easy to clean:

Most air fryers come with detachable components and non-stick baskets that make the cleaning process breeze. Now the choice is yours.

Top Rated 6 Best Air fryers in 2022

1. Cosori 5qt small air fryer:

Best Air Fryers


ColorDark Gray 
Air Fryer Dimensions (L x W x H)10.8 x 10.9 x 12.1
Basket dimensions (L x W x H)9.0 x 9.0 x 4.3
Capacity5.0 qt / 4.7 L (serves 2–4 people) 
Power Supply (US/CA Only)AC 120V, 60Hz  
Rated Power1500W 
Weight10 lb / 4.54 kg 

If you are looking for a small air fryer with a stylish design then simultaneously compelling features, this Cosori 5 quart small air fryer is worth considering. It is an oil-less air fryer that cuts down 85% of fat and cooks healthy deep-fried flavourful foods with the same crispy textures by using 360-degree rapid heat circulation technology without taking much time. Moreover, its compact design goes ideally with your kitchen countertop without occupying much space. So go for it! 

LED touch control panel:

The LED touch control panel on the black glossy top of the appliance gives a perfect streamlined look. And this tempered glass display includes the 9-1 touch cooking features, including preheating and customized shake reminders so you can as the cooking process.

Temperature settings:

This exceptional air fryer cooks food with temperatures ranging from 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making the preheating 20% faster than ever before. Isn’t it amazing?

AirWhisper technology:

Fed up with noisy kitchen appliances? Say no more as this air fryer is built with the AirWhisper technology that lets the Pro-LE cook with fewer sounds no louder than 55 decibels.

7 preset functions:

This air fryer includes chicken, fries, frozen steak, seafood, veggies, and bacon. You can set it accordingly and even use the shake reminder function so you can turn your food halfway to attain even crispiness.

Mouthwatering recipes:

Cosori air fryer offers you the most exciting cooking experience as it comes with a cookbook of 30 original recipes curated by R&D chefs. You can also head for the VeSync app to relish 100 + other recipes.

Less hassle:

It is so stressful to clean up an air fryer after cooking. It is FDA-approved making the cleaning process a breeze because it comprises PFOA and BPA-free air fryer basket, which is non-stick and dishwasher safe, so cleaning is no more a chore.

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  • 5-watt small air fryer for small families
  • Sleek and Streamlined style outlook
  • 7 preset functions
  • LED digital control panel
  • AirWhisper technology
  • Authentic recipe book
  • A little bit of struggle with frozen foods.

2. Instant vortex plus 6-quart air fryer

Best Air Fryers


Dimensions14.92” length x 12.36” wide x 12.83” height.
Capacity6 quarts.
Weight12.08 lb | 5.48 kg
Voltage120 Volts

Instant vortex plus 6-quart air fryer is the best with legitimate air fryer reviews, which you can’t simply ignore. It is an iconic model with a 

square air frying basket, stainless steel accents, and justifying features. All in one appliance. It is perfect for the growing families to prepare appetizers and side dishes in a moment. So what are you waiting for?

One-touch smart programs: 

It comes with customizable cooking programs and 6 preset functions, including air fry, broil, dehydrate, roast, reheat, and bake, which lets you easily relish chicken wings and cinnamon buns, roasted veggies, and much more.

Perfect for beginners:

This air fryer comes with a touch screen display panel that displays each stage of cooking so they can ace their cooking experience. Also, a fast preheating, dishwasher-safe, non-stick fry basket and the tray is a bonus!

Customizable temperature settings:

This appliance lets you choose temperatures ranging from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. So you can set accordingly to acquire your crispy exterior fries with moist chicken loaded with flavors.

Safety features:

When it comes to Instant vortex air fryer, one cannot ignore the proven safety features comprising auto shut-off can overheat protection to prevent unnecessary accidents or overcooking of foods.

  • 6 QT large air fryer
  • Stainless steel accent outlook
  • One-touch smart program
  • 6 preset function
  • Touch screen display panel
  • Indus safety feature
  • Bulky and occupies excess space.

3. NuWave Brio 6 quart best rated air fryer:

Best Air Fryers


Project dimension16.5 x 15.1 x 13.1 inches
Capacity8 quarts
Voltage120 Volts

If you are so thrilled to use an air fryer with the basket style, then our third pick Nuwave Brio 6qt is the best-rated air fryer you can have with great capacity. It is convenient enough to fit a whole chicken, and the unique cooking chamber delivers cooked fried foods with juicy perfection and texture by using little to no oil. You can try even a whopping 3 pounds of chicken wings, 3 pounds of fries, and a 5 pound chicken conveniently without any hassle.

Integrated digital temperature probe:

Using this air fryer, you can acquire the perfect results every time with an integrated digital temperature probe that does the cooking guesswork perfectly.


There is a possibility with other air fryers that it can drift from their targeted temperature by as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not a problem with this air fryer. It maintains the cooking temperature inside the unit 120 times per second and delivers perfect crispy results every time.

Vast temperature settings:

This air fryer comprises vast temperature settings ranging between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it easier than ever to cook anything you desire in a moment.

One-touch cooking function:

This air fryer is built with a one-touch cooking function so you can conveniently utilize the reheat and preheat button to acquire delicious cravings every time. 

6 preset functions:

This air fryer lets you air fry, roast, broil, grill, bake, and dehydrate in just one appliance so your every bite will be worth delicious, crispy, tender, and juicy without any calories or fat guilt.

100 pre-programmed recipes:

There is no way you can go unsure or confused about making every meal every day with our 100 pre-programmed recipes accessible at your fingertips. Now you can be a fantastic house chef.

  • 8 quarts smart digital air fryer
  • Superheated air technology
  • Integrated digital temperature probe
  • Consistent cooking temperature settings
  • Easy to clean
  • 6 preset functions
  • 100 pre-programmed recipes
  • The quality of tray material must be improved.

4. Ninja food 8qt top rated air fryer:

Best Air Fryers


Dimensions (Overall)15.63 x 13.86 x 12.4 inches
Weight17.86 pounds
Capacity (Volume)8 Quart

If you are cooking multiple foods simultaneously at different temperatures, then Ninja food 8qt that integrates two four-quart baskets into one appliance is all you need. From cooking capacity and versatility, everything can be achieved with this appliance. Everything fits perfectly in the XL capacity basket from 4 LBS of french fries or chicken wings. Do not worry about calories and fat. It cut down up to 75% of fat than conventional air fryer so that you can release deep-fried french fries and much more.

Two independent baskets:

The first and foremost specialty of this Ninja food air fryer is it comes with two independent baskets that let you cook two foods in two ways simultaneously, eliminating the chances of cooking in two batches like a traditional single basket air fryer.

6 preset functions

Let’s not forget the 6 versatile cooking functions, including air fry, air broil, bake, roast, dehydrate, and reheat. So you can make a quick family meal anytime.

Dual-zone technology:

This air fryer comes with dual-zone technology that allows users to select between the intelligent finish function that unbolts two cooking foods in 2 ways so that your food gets finished simultaneously. Enter match cook feature to conveniently copy settings across zones for a total 8-quart cooking capacity.

Distinct heating zones:

Two independent 4-quart zones comprise their cooking baskets, instantaneous heaters, and cyclone fans so that you can whip up any meal or snack with ease.

Vast temperature settings:

The temperature ranges from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 450-degree Fahrenheit, gently removing moisture from ingredients and quickly delivering crispy texture food with convection heat.

Accessories included:

It includes non-stick crisper plates, 15 recipes, cooking charts, and additional meal options 

  • 8 quarts XL capacity
  • Two independent baskets
  • Dual-zone technology
  • 6 preset functions
  • Distinct heating zones
  • Accessories included
  • The cooking surface area is a bit smaller than expected

5. Philips premium XXL top air fryer:

Best Air Fryers


Dimensions of productLxWxH 433x 321x 315mm
Capacity1.36 liters
Item weight19 pounds
Power2225 wattage

If you are looking for a top air fryer with exclusive features and can conveniently feed the whole family, then Philips air fryer XXL is ideal. All credits to its 7-quart capacity ensure to cook everything you need by using little to no added oil with up to 90% less fat and simultaneously delivering crispy texture on the outside and tender inside results.

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Fat removal technology:

This air fryer comes with fat removal technology that extracts excess fat from the ingredients than other air fryer models so you can have healthy deep-fried food simultaneously.

6 preset functions:

This air fryer comes with 6 preset functions located on the digital display panel that includes grills, bake, roast, toast, heats, and dehydrates so you can relish all your favorite meal and snack with your family

Convenient portion:

With a three lb/7-quart cooking capacity and no preheat requirement, it can cook more delicious meals 4 times faster than an oven. So you can grab it quickly for all meals every day without any hassle.

Easy cleaning:

All detachable parts are dishwasher safe, and the air fryer basket included has a non-stick coating that ensure easy cleaning

  • 3lb/ 7 qt capacity
  • Fat removal technology
  • 6 preset function
  • Detachable parts and Dishwasher safe
  • Easy cleaning.
  • A bit expensive

6. GoWise USA small air fryer:

Best Air Fryers


Product dimensions13.5 x 12.5 x 11.5 inches
Item weight4 ounces
Capacity5.8 quarts
Power1700 watt

Do not get baffled by the affordable price of the GoWise USA 5.8 QT digital air fryer. This exceptional air fryer comes with digital control features that allow you to cook your favorite deep-fried foods with little to no oil and without the mess that comes with the traditional deep fryer.

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Healthy cooking:

This exceptional air fryer comes with rapid air technology that ensures to cook food from all sides evenly, just like frying in oil, and helps you achieve the crispy and brown texture you crave.

Brand new start/stop button:

It features a new start and stops button that lets you change the temperature and duration in the middle of the cooking session. And the built-in alarm function is a bonus that alerts you to shake your foods every 5 10 15 minutes intervals.

Advanced touchscreen menu:

This sleek air fryer is built with an advanced touchscreen menu to take the guesswork of cooking easy. On the other hand, the built-in touchscreen menu features 8 preset functions: fries, chips, porks, shrimp, chicken, steak, pizza, fish, and cake.

Wide temperature settings:

This air fryer features wide temperature settings ranging from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in 10-degree intervals and a cooking timer extending 30 minutes.

Warranty coverage:

This GoWise USA product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee with a 1-year warranty and consistent support from customer care, so you don’t have to worry about any damage.

Easy to use and clean;

It comes with a detachable basket and a non-stick pan with a cool-touch handle and button guard for safety and escapes accidental detachment. With a detachable basket, you can quickly shake and flip the ingredients in the middle of cooking.

  • 5.8 quarts digital air fryer
  • Advanced touch screen menu
  • 8 present functions
  • Wide temperature settings
  • Start and stop button feature
  • Warranty coverage
  • Rapid air technology
  • An issue with the touch handle

7. Elite Platinum EAF-05SS Teflon free Air Fryer:

Elite platinum is one of the excellent brands of air fryers if they are looking for a small capacity and Teflon Free air fryer. It is the best preference and cost-efficient choice.


This Elite Teflon free air fryer comes with a 3.2-quart cooking capacity and 4.25-quart drawer pan, ideal for home kitchen use, and can hold up to 2.2 LBS of food. So it is perfect for small families.

Less consumption of oil:

As the name itself shows elite, this delivers food faster and more safely by consuming 80% less or no oil. So you can relish having guilt-free foods, fish fillets with chips, and chicken tenders without fatty oils.

Customizable temperature settings:

This air fryer comprises customizable temperature settings that let you control the temperature between 140-400 degrees Fahrenheit

Auto shut-off feature:

Elite Teflon free air fryer comes with a 60-minute timer feature that automatically shuts off once the cooking cycle is complete.

Safety feature:

it is designed with a cool-touch handle that allows users to safely remove fried foods from the air fryer hand and escape accidents of burning hands

Easy cleanup process:

The elite platinum air fryer is fabricated with BPA, PFOA, and PTFE free stainless steel pan that makes the cleaning process breeze

  • 3.2 QT cooking capacity
  • Indicator lights
  • Customizable temperature settings
  • Auto shut off feature
  • BPA, PFOA, and PTFE free and dishwasher safe
  • An integrated air filtration system

How to clean an air fryer?

Unplug the air fryer:

It must occur to you immediately once you finish your cooking session to clean it without delay. Because leaving the food crumbs and it’s in the air fryer overnight will create a use mess to clean the next day. So initially, once you are finished cooking, keep the air fryer for a while, and it cools down, then begin your cleaning.

Clean the detachable parts:

Next, take a soft cloth or sponge. If the food bites are stuck in any components, immerse them in hot water and let them in soapy water to loosen the ingredients, then clean.

Clean the inside part of an air fryer:

You can use a damp cloth dipped in warm soapy water to clean the inside of an air fryer. Make sure to remove the drawer and basket. Also, check the heating element for food residue and oil grease and wipe it clean. Let it dry for a while, then reassemble.

Exterior cleanup:

The same goes for the exterior part as well. Just use a sponge or soft damp cloth to dry the outer part.

How does an air fryer work

The fan and a heating element are located at an air fryer’s top part. Users place the ingredients in the air fryer’s basket, the hot air circulates and rushes down and still around the food. Moreover, the basket comprises tiny holes, and the hot air evenly distributes by reaching through the small holes evenly from the bottom. It is why you can quickly achieve uniform and evenly cooked results even if ingredients even if you stack the air fryer. This rapid and consistent hot air circulation makes the crispier and offers a brown food texture like deep frying but without oil usage. 

Place your ingredients in the air fryers basket.

It depends on your air fryer’s size and how many ingredients the basket will hold. It varies from 2 to 10 quarts. In many cases, if you desire to get good and crispy results, it is no harm to add just one or two spoons of oil to the ingredients before closing the unit.

Set the temperature and duration:

The cooking temperature and duration of an air fryer vary. It usually ranges between 5 to 25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the ingredients you are cooking.

Let the food cook for a while:

In some cases, the ingredients need to be shaken between intervals to acquire brownie texture and crispy results. For this, you have to pull out the air fryer’s drawer and do this task. Hurray! Your food is already!

What can you cook in an air fryer?

You have come across the familiar air fryer recipes that are all generally deep-fried foods. Still, we will surprise you by ultimately showing you other foods you can cook using this appliance like baking cookies, roasting veggies, cooking meat, and whatnot.

Lank cuts of meat, fish, and chicken:

To cook lank cuts of meat, fish, seafood, chicken, and other ingredients with no or little fat requires a little oil brush up to acquire a crispy brown texture. But most of the needs require no oil because it is already juicy inside, so use any favorite season name with salt and relish it. However, pork chops, boneless chicken breast requires a little bit of oil brush up before seasoning. You can use vegetable oil to resist the high heat in an air fryer.

Frozen foods:

The air fryers are perfect for cooking frozen fruits that you desire deep-fried. Frozen foods like chicken nuggets, french fries, mozzarella cheese, and many other frozen foods you can make in an air fryer.

Roasted veggies:

if you have a small air fryer, it is excellent for roasting veggies, especially if you are a family of one or two members. But before air frying veggies, they need to be tossed in oil and sprinkled with a bit of salt. You will love air-fried brussels sprouts, baby potato halves, and broccoli florets. It comes out in a very crispy way that can satisfy your taste buds.

Baked goods:

Air fryers are the ultimate option to make single-serving desserts at home and baked goods dishes like apple features and cookies that you will enjoy making. An air fryer is also a great option to bag mini Nutella doughnuts and peppermint lava cakes so you can indulge in these sweet treats.

Are air fryers worth the value?

First of all, when you have decided to choose the air fryers, select one with all the exclusive capabilities. Like above, we have shared some air fryer models like Ninja food, Instant vortex, plus air fryer.

Moreover, if you have a small family, consider the small air fryers between the price range of $40 very can also avail these small compact air fryers. On the other hand, you can help the best air fryer under $200 to $400 medium and large air fryers. It depends on how many people you are cooking for. However, irrespective of size, air fryers with racks and baskets are worth the value because they can cook the food more evenly so you can relish more delicious foods at any moment. 

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Question 1 – Which is the best air fryers to purchase?

    To precisely answer this, it ultimately depends on you and how much you are interested in investing in enhancing your cooking skills. You can easily choose from the above-given air fryers models, top-rated air fryers with the best ratings, and other features. Go through it and choose yours.

  2. Question 2 – What is inappropriate to cook in an air fryer?

    It is appropriate to cook raw greens bake battered food whole roast fresh green in an air fryer. But do not worry; we have shared some mouthwatering recipes to make it easy for you and not compromise on your taste buds.

  3. Which air fryers are bad for you?

    An air fryer with BPA and other harmful components is the wrong choice for you, producing heat that can cause cancer risk. Go for the BPA-free compounds, stainless steel, and ceramic air fryers.

  4. Does the air fryer consume lots of electricity?

    Compared to a traditional oven, microwave, and deep fryer, air fryers relatively consumes a minimal amount of electricity. So above given models like Philips and NuWave are every energy-efficient air fryer models consume energy in the average estimation of 1500 Watts.

  5. Where do you put oil in the air fryer?

    Use an oil sprayer and spray one teaspoon of oil on food and all sides of an air fryer. While shaking the basket during cooking, sprinkle more oil to enhance the taste if you sense the ingredients look a bit dry.


So we have curated the lists of the 7 best air fryers in 2022 with other exceptional topics related to air fryers so you can ace operating the air fryers. You can choose the one and promptly click on the Amazon link given, so you do not miss a great deal and bring the top-rated air fryers to your home. Do not delay; grab the best air fryer deal today.

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