Blackstone Griddle With Air Fryer Review In 2022

Everybody is desperate to learn about the Blackstone griddle with air fryer because it comes with the conveniency of exceptional features and a spacious cooking area.

So and this article, I will share all the information with honest reviews on Blackstone griddle with air fryer so you may learn all the details specifically and make the buying decision with ease. Keep reading!

Blackstone griddle and air fryer review – A quick outline

Blackstone Griddle With Air Fryer

This Blackstone air fryer griddle combo review is to put down honest thoughts and do explain the uniqueness of this item. Moreover, this combo is explicitly manufactured for people who are looking for the top-notch quality option that works for both grilling and air frying and offers your backyard attractive attention. I have done my research, and here I am concluding that this is the only grilled a fryer combo that is exceptional for its features and available at the best price.

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  • This Blackstone air fryer griddle combo’s all components or fabricated of heavy-duty steel, and the griddle top is made from rolled steel.
  • This combo is accessible in two different sizes with the same features, air frying and grilling fuel source, built components but only varying in a price tag. But in this article, I have collectively given Blackstone 36 griddle with air fryer reviews so you may get a precise idea.
  • The best thing about this combo is that it makes the cooking process more satisfying and less complicated, and it uses propane gas.
  • This combo is an exceptional option for individuals who often like to air fry, roast, and bake. Additionally, individuals also get a 90-day warranty and oven year limited warranty on accessories.

Blackstone 36 griddle with air fryer reviews:


MaterialStainless Steel
StyleOutdoor, Patio
Item Dimensions LxWxH27.17 x 42.13 x 34.65 inches
Item Weight265.2 Pounds

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Unique attributes of Blackstone 36 griddle with air fryer:

  • Four separate controlled cooking zones
  • Tube burners are fabricated of stainless steel
  • Magnetic tool bar for uncomplicated access
  • It is a dual drawer gas-powered air fryer to roast, bake, and fry
  • The griddle top is made up of rolled steel
  • Warming drawer to preserve meal ready to serve
  • Rear grease control system
  • 4 industrial strength wheels
  • 756-square-inch cooktop surface
  • Side shelf hooks for griddle tools

Special features:

Blackstone 36″ griddle with air fryer and Blackstone griddle with air fryer combo integrates the ease and simplicity of air frying with the hands-on art of griddling for a delightful blend of styles. All credits to its four separate-controlled cooking zones, dual air fryers, and a restaurant-style warming drawer. These attributes offer the conveniency of easily cooking multiple foods at once without fretting about your air-fried appetizers getting cold or drying out. This Blackstone air fryer griddle promises to bring lots of scrumptious meals to the table for years to come. Let’s look out for other features!

Exceptional griddle air fryer performance:

This cooking griddle is known for performing multi-cooking tasks like bake, sear, sauté, stir fry, bake, and now, air fry. It is excellent at first sight, and you will surely adore everything about the griddle. This multipurpose gas griddle makes cooking the simplest of food much tastier, better, and more satisfying. This griddle air fryer combo offers enough space to cook and slide and preserve food hot. You will relish whatever you cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In-built air fryer:

Built-in air fryer: Let the burger patties whiz on the top while you chuck in some French fries in the in-built air fryer. The two large air fryer baskets are a bonus as it lets you prepare a healthier version of your favorite oiled and fried foods. Now it is possible to munch on your tasty fried chicken, potatoes, egg rolls, and so much more.

Great design and fabrication:

This Blackstone 36″ griddle air Fryer combo is fabricated of superior quality steel; the grill top is made with rolled steel, and burners are curated of stainless steel. The entire appliance is covered with powder-coated paint to avoid rust, and it makes it simultaneously easy to clean. And talking about the design, it is quite unique and impressive, which adds a great deal of money. Moreover, the warming drawer is built of heavy-duty porcelain-coated steel that preserves the food warm and holds up to 2 quarts of the weight of your food.

Spacious cooking capacity:

If you are looking for the best Blackstone grilled air fryer with a spacious cooking capacity, then this Blackstone 4-Burner 36″ griddle air fryer combo is a perfect choice for a backyard gathering area as it comes with a 756 square inches and a 3-quart air frying capacity offers you enough space to cook everything you can on the stovetop or oven. Overall this griddle lets you prepare everything you desire right where you want.

Additional features:

This Blackstone air fryer griddle combo 36″ comes with four separate stainless steel burners and four separate controlled cooking zones. Moreover, the dual drawer gas-operated air fryers offer the conveniency for roasting, baking, and frying. This combo includes all your favorite features that include, including a hood to hook your grill top, supplement storage hooks, supplemental storage magnets, and dual shelves.

Temperature control knob:

The air fryer baskets come with a temperature control knob feature that lets you prepare meals at three distinct temperatures that range from 300°F to 475°F.

Easy cleaning:

This design of this combo product features a refined rear grease control system which is most efficacious in the cleaning process. You can follow the same procedure for cleaning the flat top grills. It helps to avoid all types of grease, and its rear grease control system comes in handy. And to clean down the interior part, use the cloth and a degreaser cleaner, so it doesn’t get all cluttered.

Product warranty:

The Blackstone combo product comes with a 1-year limited warranty for all of their products along with a 90-day warranty on accessories; Overall, this Blackstone Griddle with air fryer combo is effective but has a limited warranty.

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Is the Blackstone Air fryer electric or gas?

The Blackstone air fryer griddle combo is packed with exclusive features and most probably a gas-fired air frying system with an added warming drawer to complete the 756-square-inch griddle cooking surface.

Is the Blackstone with air fryer worth the investment?

The conclusion is that the Blackstone air fryer griddle combo is totally worth it. It offers you an opportunity of cooking a variety of dishes like similar indoor appliances from different brands, and this does everything you need it to do. The main difference and benefit of this item is that you have the mastery of cooking or preserving food warm in the three drawers.

Can you prepare steaks on a Blackstone griddle?

The Blackstone griddle offers an excellent way to cook a steak perfectly. It has sufficient space for all of the side dishes, appetizer and the proficiency of these grills to maintain temperature makes the perfect surface for searin

Bottom line:

Here I am wrapping up the legit reviews on the Blackstone griddle with air fryer combo by stating that it is the perfect option to opt for if you are looking for a griddle grill or air fryer.

 It is affordable with so many exciting features making this product totally versatile. So I highly recommend you to choose this Blackstone 36 griddle with air fryer as it is economical and makes your grilling super fun!

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