Can You Put Glass in an Air fryer in 2022 – Is it Safe?

We understand your mind is combating the most obvious question, “can you put glass in an air fryer”? It happens to be the most popular question asked by people worldwide, so we are here to clear those questions once and for all. There are plenty of questions to answer, and you have stopped at the right article, and let’s break the secret right away.

Can You Put Glass in an Air fryer?

Yes, of course, you can put a glass bowl in an air fryer if it is mentioned as safe. Whether your glass bowl is fabricated of Pyrex or ovenproof, it is ideal to use in your air fryer if it is ovenproof. And on an important note putting the glass bowl in a cool state will cause the Pyrex to shatter because of thermal stress. So for the safety measure, it is recommended to heat the glass bowl with soft hot water before putting it into an air fryer.

It is known that the temperature of an air fryer proliferates too much just in a few minutes; some of the glass bowls, despite being labeled as ovenproof, bowls fail to resist the temperature changes that cause them to shatter. So to escape this accident, check the label or the durability test on them before using it in an air fryer.

How to determine if your glass bowl in air fryer is safe to use?

Can You Put Glass in an Air fryer

The quickest way to determine if your glass or glass bowl in air prayer is safe is by looking for the manufacturer stamp that might be labeled in your cookware container or sometimes in a glass bowl itself. It is apparent to get notified that it is entitled to be oven safe or printed in the form of an oven-safe symbol. Besides looking on the sides, look on the bottom of the glass bowl; generally, it is where it is possibly mentioned.

The other option to check variable is safe in an air fryer is to head to the manufacturer’s website and hop on the product listings that show the benefits, reasons, specifications, and other reasons you must purchase this particular product. And in that section, if you miss this part, you can comment regarding your question with products because higher profile manufacturing companies have teams to handle the websites that can get you a quick answer to your question within 24 to 48 hours. So here is how you can precisely clear your doubt.

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What is a glass bowl fabricated of?

Pyrex glass bowl is originally fabricated of Borosilicate glass which can withstand thermal pressure. But in recent times, pyrex has been manufactured of soda-lime glass, and if it is oven and freezer safe, it is not entirely safe when it comes to thermal shockproof.

When a pyrex bowl is cooled or heated frequently, different bowl parts get contracted or expand by considerable amounts, which causes stress. So lastly, if the pressure is ultimately extreme, the bowl structure will change because of the shattering effect.

Best Alternative to glass bowl in an air fryer:

Can You Put Glass in an Air fryer

If you are inconsistent and doubtful of using the glass bowl in air fryer, no worries because there are other best substitutes to glass bowls that will be good to go with an air fryer. You can go for an alternative like :-

Ceramic coated bowls

  • Ceramic coated bowls are the best alternatives to glass because it is durable, scratch resistant and lightweight. Can be used in ovens up to 400 degrees.

Silicone molds –

  • Silicone molds are non-stick and heat resistant. Can be used in ovens up to 400 degrees.

Paper cupcakes

  • Paper cupcakes are a great way to air fry without any mess. Can be used in ovens up to 420 degrees.

Ovenproof steel material bowls

  • These bowls are also a great alternative and it can be used in ovens up to 400 degrees, Can be washed by hand or dishwasher.

These alternatives are ideal and can withstand the heat of an air fryer. However, silicon has exceptional flexibility with excellent heat resistivity, whereas ceramic bowls comprise an amazingly smooth surface with extraordinary resisting capacity against heat. So we have shown you some quick substitution of a glass bowl to use in an air fryer instead of glass bowls.

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Is a glass bowl or glass in air fryer is ideal?

Yes, of course, you can use a glass bowl in an air fryer, but if you have been using air for a long time, we realized that an air fryer is probably preferred french fries or the deep fry frozen foods. And air fryer completely deploys the hot air circulation technology around the cooking basket to evenly cook the food.

The prime part of an air fryer is the cooking basket, which comprises big holes that enable it to transmit the food quickly. It is an essential element that delivers the food out crispier.

So it is not ideal for putting a glass bowl or other glass cookware in an air fryer that does not comprise holes in it. Because no holes mean blockage of airflow around the food, which may take a considerable time to cook the food, foods in the base of the glass bowl will be left and evenly cooked, which leads to an annoying experience. Think twice before considering that using a glass bowl is perfect in an air fryer.

Can you still get crispier food even after using a glass bowl in air fryer?

However, it is technically possible to put glass bowl in an air fryer, but the question of how to seek a crispier food, whether using glass in an air fryer will deliver the brittle foods. However, the only rule of an air fryer is not to overload the basket and give a frequent flip or shake to your food to get them cooked evenly.

These rules apply for an even airflow to the food that cooks food in a crispy texture that everyone will love. So talking about the crispiness, it is difficult to achieve as the glass bowl with no holes will block the airflow to the cooking compartment, making it challenging to produce crispy foods.

Can you put Pyrex in air fryer:

Of course, you can put pyrex in air fryer just like other glass bowl cookware is allowed to use in the air fryer.

However, there is a significant factor to consider while using pyrex in an air fryer will it be ideal and fit in your air fryer appliance. Because a variety of pyrex is used and one-pot meals and casseroles in the oven, these cookwares are in a substantial size mm and four times bigger than the width of the air fryer. So you have to look around and find the right pyrex that will perfectly fit with your air fryer size.

Note – Usually a small air fryer saves your space and money and are considered as the best air fryer for one person! What do you say?

How to keep the glass from shattering in an air fryer?

If you are really into using a glass bowl in the air fryer, you can take some precautions to prevent your glass bowl from breaking.

  • Avoid setting high temperatures
  • Do not change the temperature all of a sudden
  • Utilize oven-safe or tempered glass
  • Consider examining the structural weakness of the glass

Benefits of Reheating foods in glass bowls?

Can You Put Glass in an Air fryer

The convenience of reheating or heating food with glass bowls over and over is something hard to ignore without the stress of chemicals discharging into your food. Glass bowls are entirely safe to use, easy to clean, non-toxic, transparent surface, and has a capacity to retain heat for a prolonged time. Overall it is the perfect choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pyrex go in air fryer?

Short answer: Yes! As long as your Pyrex bowl or cookware is oven-proof, it should be fine in your air fryer. However, keep in mind that air fryers can heat up much more quickly than regular ovens – so it’s important to take extra care when using glass cookware in this appliance.

What can you not put in an air fryer?

While there are a lot of things you can cook in an air fryer, there are some items that should be avoided. Do not put any type of normal metal in the air fryer as it will cause a fire. You should also avoid putting plastics and coatings like Teflon in the air fryer as they may release harmful toxins.


So far, we have helped you with enough tricks and techniques and resolved your questions like can I put glass bowl in an air fryer? Can You Put Glass in an Air fryer? can you put a bowl in an air fryer?

Hopefully, now you have a precise idea of how you can safely use the glass bowl in an air fryer, the best alternative, whether putting pyrex in an air fryer is good. It is your responsibility as well. To attain excellent and successful food results, you must look for other details appropriately and choose the suitable glass bowl that ultimately aligns with the air fryer.

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