Can You Put Metal in an Air fryer – Is It Safe?

Curious about Can You Put Metal in an Air fryer? Have you ever wondered what safe and the correct type of dish or accessory should be placed inside an air fryer? The most frequently asked questions are whether you can use metal in the air fryer or aluminum foil? But every time, all you get is negative answers which are pretty intimidating.

It is why I am here to help clear things up for you. We will cover exactly what type of metal or metal bowls to use in the air fryer to answer your query “Can You Put Metal in an Air fryer”, the dangers or perils of using them, and what metals are inappropriate to place inside the air fryer. Keep reading to know more!


  • Can I put metal in the air fryer?
  • What types of metal bowls can I use?
  • What are the severe perils of using a metal bowl or metal in air fryer?
  • What metal plate or bowl shouldn’t be placed in an air fryer?
  • My point of view
  • Bottom line

Can I put metal in the air fryer?

Now, this is the most common question lingering in people’s minds! The short answer is yes. You can ultimately put metal in the air fryer, but under one condition, that it has to be tagged as oven-safe. If the bowl or plate tag implies oven-safe, you can place it inside your air fryer.

The following vital thing to remember is you should only use the objects that perfectly fit inside the air fryer basket. It might be an air fryer metal plate or bowl; the size is crucial because the basket lets the air fryer precisely circulate the hot air and cook the food.

You have to understand that if the air fryer does not function exactly like a microwave, i.e., with electromagnetic fields and radiation, metal will not react with it. An air fryer is typically a mini convection oven with 2 to 3 heating elements that produce instant and intense heat. So using metal in the air fryer will have a proper reaction with it, you will get good food results.

What types of metal bowls can I use?

Using only those metal bowls on our plate marked or tagged as oven safe is mandatory. If you do not see the tag or label ‘oven safe’ on the object or as a claim made by the manufacturer, then it is advisable not to use it in your air fryer. And if you see the wording oven-safe, you can use it in your air fryer as it can withstand high temperatures for prolonged periods without the risk of getting melted, cracked, and damaged.

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Severe perils of using a metal bowl or metal in air fryer

You would be thinking about whether the dangers exist of using a metal bowl in an air fryer. The answer is yes. The main concern related to the glass bowl is it will get shattered. But what if I tell you a metal bowl or metal can ultimately be more dangerous? Following are some possible perils of using a metal bowl in an air fryer.

  • Firstly steel or metal in its purest form is not a great conductor of heat, so using it as an air fryer may lead to uneven cooking.
  • We all know that a fryer works with hot air circulation, so when it is heated to a high temperature, there might be some of the substance in the metal that will start to break down and combine into your air-fried food. It is why it is not permitted to use metal bowls or metal in an air fryer unless you are not 100% sure it is oven safe.
  • Aluminum is also oven-safe metal, so you can use it in the air fryer as long as you ensure it does not restrict airflow. But still, some scientist claims that there is slight leeching of this metal into air-fried foods that can be dangerous to health. So it is advisable to do your research and have your own opinion.

Metal Plates Or Bowls You Should Avoid

Can You Put Metal in an Air fryer

There are specific metal plate or bowls accessible in the market that is painted somehow, and that paint contains some compounds, which is the primary concern. If the paint is of average quality, it may start to break down under intense heat or high temperatures. 

So it is advisable not to use any painted bowl, and less it says that it is an oven-safe, if not, then ignore using it. Because it will release harmful toxic gases when heated, the gases pass through your foods which will cause severe health problems. 

You need to be extra careful while dealing with paint because if the bowl or plate is painted with enamel paint, then it is the type that can easily resist air fryer temperatures.

Other ideas or thoughts:

In my opinion, I will consider using any bowl in my air fryer only in a few situations. The main reason for this is airflow. The central point of using an air fryer is to get crispy food, so you can’t get crisp results when you cook any food using a bowl. There are no holes in bowls that will restrict the airflow around the air-fried food. Because of this air fryer will lose its ability to give the food a crispy texture. 

However, you can use a bowl while cooking something that begins in liquid form and requires a container or bowl. For instance, we use your air fryer for baking cake; you can use a bowl without a second thought.

My point of view:

So now, as we are wrapping up here, I am sharing my point of view as well. Now, I believe that unless the metal bowl or plate is labeled as oven-safe, there is no way I am going to use it. Most steel bowls are fabricated to be mixing bowls rather than typically used in an oven, and many of them mention being that oven-safe, which is insane.

But in my opinion, if a steel bowl contains any pain or not, I will not attempt to use it in an air fryer even though it claims to be oven-safe. So be careful to go through the manual before using it in the air fryer, or if you’re hesitating to use it still, you can go for a quality glass Pyrex bowl.

The Bottom line:

Now we are at the end of this article; I hope you have answered Can You Put Metal in an Air fryer; whether the metal is good or bad to use in an air fryer and other things. Now you are clear and assured which is safe to do so. I would be glad if you shared your experience with metal bowls or plates in an air fryer in the comment section below.

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