Can you put Parchment Paper in an Air fryer – Truth & Tips

Are you curious about Can you put Parchment paper in an Air fryer or not?? Let’s find out!! With the increasing craziness for air fryers, which is popularly known as a suitable replacement for an oven, many questions have been raised and how to use them proficiently is also the case.

No doubt air fryer helps you create yummy recipes, whether a fraction of oil or without oil, by using a high-velocity fan and hot air circulation quickly that deliver crispy and delicious food just like a deep fryer. 

But besides features, the main question is whether using parchment paper in air fryer is safe or not. Because nobody wishes to spend their extra time cleaning the basket, taking out the food residue and pesky crumbs from the millions of little plastic holes is hectic; it is why we will show you here how parchment paper for air fryer is a convenient option for air frying.

Can you put parchment paper in an air fryer?

The parchment paper is specifically curated to use in an oven, but it is also outstanding to put in an air fryer. But there are some safety protocols to follow while using parchment paper in the air fryer. You can line them in the appliance to save your baskets and even baking trays from getting food stuck into it and escape the cleaning mess.

So while properly using parchment paper will help near food from sticking into it and keep it as effortlessly clean as possible. Still, we have shared some safety instructions or steps that will enable you safely use the parchment paper. Scroll down below to read in brief.

What exactly is parchment paper, and why is it used for?

Can you put Parchment Paper in an Air fryer

For any of you who have been interested in cooking or being there around in the kitchen for enough good time, they may have probably known what parchment paper is, even individuals who do baking most often in their household. Air fryer parchment paper is nothing but greaseproof paper that prevents foods from sticking to the baking trays air fryer basket and dishes. It is completely heat resistant and is typically used in hot ovens.

 Why use it:

Easy clean up:

The primary use of the parchment paper in air fryers is to maintain air fryer squeaky clean and cut down the time it consumes to cleanup. Just line your air fryer basket with parchment paper, making this whole process a lot easier.

No tearing and sticking:

The air fryer parchment paper is ultimately a game-changer for your appliance if you are fed up with the food sticking issues in the basket. Some foods will be bound to stick to the surface despite spraying oil. But using these Air fryer Parchment Paper Liners under your food will help the food tear and stick.

Right paper at the right place:

To acquire the best results, place the parchment paper in the air fryer basket when you add the ingredients. It will help the parchment paper prevent lifting and encounter the heating element while cooking.

Safe cooking:

Using parchment paper for the air fryer is a good option as it will help you avail yourself crispy food with a lesser risk of burning it during the cooking process. It is ultimately safe to use in high temperatures, preparing scorching food, thereby giving crispy results. However, please protect it from the direct exposure of the heat source to minimize the risk of burning.

Extending lifespan:

The last reason is to extend the lifespan of the air fryer basket. Using parchment paper in the air fryer minimizes the need of scrubbing vigorously while cleaning the air fryer because most of the drippings are stuck into the basket while cooking. So with using parchment paper, all you need is just minimal scrubbing.

How to use parchment paper in air fryer?

Can you put Parchment Paper in an Air fryer

It is common for you to think that way to put the parchment paper in the air fryer. So precisely, parchment paper is to be placed in the air fryer basket, and below are the procedure that will help you use the parchment paper ideally in your air fryer.

 Go through your air fryer manual: 

The first step is to read the instructions given in your manual. It is essential because the air fryer comes in different models fabricated by other manufacturers. By going through the manual, you will precisely know the air fryer parts and help you understand your appliance better. And ensure to follow the manufacturer’s suggested safe use of parchment papers.

 Never preheat the air fryer with parchment paper in it:

When preheating the air fryer, prevent using parchment paper. This appliance has a powerful fan that circulates hot air and heat while cooking. As the parchment paper is lightweight and there is a possibility it will fly around the appliance and may get trapped in the heating element, causing a fire accident.

 Ensure to use perforated parchment paper:

The holes in the perforated parchment paper help with proper air circulation. But for instance, if you are making air fryer pancakes from scratch, I suggest you not use perforated parchment paper.

 Quality matters over quantity:

It is advisable to use the best parchment paper for the air fryer. Even if individuals think of making their perforated parchment paper, then go for a good quality parchment paper roll. Most air fryers have a maximum heat of 400-degree Fahrenheit / 204 degrees Celsius, ensuring the parchment can be used in the temperature. It is also advisable to use FDA-approved parchment liners.

Best parchment paper for air fryer:

 A prime-quality parchment paper is ideal for your air fryer, specifically if you are thinking of making your perforated parchment paper. Baking or parchment paper that is heat resistant and safe to use up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and 218 degrees celsius will be an excellent choice because most air fryers’ model comes with the maximum temperature at 400-degree Fahrenheit.

 If individuals do not intend to make theirs, they can purchase the already perforated parchment paper from Amazon or other targets online or in-store.

 Now that you know there are multiple options of parchment paper available online, we have curated some of the best air fryer paper products; choose any of them from this range of options.

1 – Hiware 200-Piece Parchment Papers

[B081TZ5KPD –

Air fryer Parchment Paper

2 – BYKITCHEN Air Fryer Oven Liners

3 – Air Fryer Parchment Paper Liners

Suppose the store-purchased perforated parchment paper is not accessible in your nearby area. In that case, you can also buy pre-cut parchment papers via bakery supply stores or online stores and punch holes in it using a puncher. But ensure to have the proper measurement of your air fryer basket so you can avail the correct size. You can purchase baking paper with precise dimensions or go an inch lesser.

Is parchment paper safe in air fryer?


Can you put Parchment Paper in an Air fryer

Of course, yes, if it is safe to use in the oven, it is safe for the air fryer. The majority of the parchment paper is built with an excellent quality that can withstand the heat of over 400 degrees.

 Just follow these two crucial while using parchment paper in air fryer:

 Do not preheat the air fryer having parchment paper inside it. Ensure that food remains on the top of it, or it will cause a fire to the parchment paper.

 It is advisable to strictly use parchment paper when you have something solid or of proper weight that will weigh it down enough. For example, using parchment paper will not work while preparing a frozen mozzarella stick in an air fryer. Because of this, the outsiders will fly upwards and hit the fan.

Is there any difference between parchment paper and baking paper?

 It is not if you wonder if the baking paper is different from parchment paper. Both are one of the same things. It is called parchment paper in the United States, whereas in some parts of Australia and Europe, it is known as baking paper.

 But the one significant difference between the baking paper and parchment paper is the perforated holes. The air fryer parchment paper is curated with pre-cut holes in pre-measured sheets for convenient air circulation. Because of this, food will be delivered juicy and crispier.

 Both parchment paper and baking paper are heat resistant and greaseproof with a non-stick surface. It is perfect to use in cooking and baking. Do not hesitate to use baking paper in the air fryer, of course, you can use them without any doubt. So either you can purchase some online or buy the parchment paper and take a hole puncher to make one yours conveniently.

Some profuse benefits of using parchment air fryer paper:

 Using parchment paper in the air fryer saves your precious time in the kitchen because it keeps your air fryer clean and makes the cleaning process easier and faster without any mess.

 With its usage, all you have to do is withdraw in parchment paper, and now you are all set. Even the air fryer’s basket!

 Also, it saves your appliance from food sticking to the basket. This way, you can acquire delicious and crispy foods such as fish and chicken. But do not break when you try to get the food out of the basket.

What to consider while buying air fryer parchment paper?

Besides enjoying a smooth cooking experience with an air fryer parchment paper, there are some fantastic benefits that we have compiled so you can purchase the parchment paper without any second thought.

 Choose a perforated one:

While buying apartment paper for air fryer, go for a perforated parchment paper rather than a solid sheet because it will offer paperless resistance to the hot air circulating around the air fryer, possibly avoiding the chance of flying it around. 

 The circulating hot air requires proper airflow around the food for even cooking. By using perforated parchment paper, you can ensure that this can continue to happen. However, you do not need perforated basket paper if you cook using a solid pan or baking tin.

 Air fryer basket size:

 There are multiple brands out there; they work the same; still, it is necessary to purchase the exact size or shape of parchment paper for an air fryer that ultimately fits in your appliance. Some air fryers come with square or round baskets. But if you have purchased papers with large sizes, you can always trim them to fit correctly.

 Affordable option:

If you are into a more affordable option, you can also purchase bigger sheets of parchment paper and trim them to the exact shape or size of their air fryers basket by yourself.

Scrumptious air fryer recipes using parchment paper:

 They are effortless delicious air fryer recipes that you can cook in the air fryer by taking advantage of the parchment paper.

 You can prepare a fish en papillote; it is very exquisite in taste as its name and very easy to prepare. Moreover, it is also a very healthy option with a combination of fish and veggies. But the best thing about using parchment paper in this mouth-watering recipe is that it locks the moisture by simultaneously retaining its original flavor and the delicious vegetables are to enhance more taste. 

 And if you are thinking of cooking the salmon in the air fryer, it is also a perfect option by using parchment paper. It takes just a few minutes to prepare a healthy dinner with a low-carb diet enriched with omega 3 fatty acids and proteins.

In other scenarios, we suggest you use parchment paper when preparing one of the following recipes that help you prevent the food from sticking into the basket holes. Ensure to put the parchment paper while preparing

  • Cookies
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Air fryer French toast sticks
  • Biscuits
  • Air fryer hushpuppies
  • And any other foods with a raw dough that can stick into the holes, this case use parchment paper

Frequently Asked Question

Can you make your parchment paper liners for air fryer?

 Of course, yes. For instance, if you cannot find perforated liners in your area, you can use a hole puncture and make holes for efficient airflow. But make sure to get a good piece of parchment paper by measuring the size of the bottom of the air fryer. You can keep punching it until you have covered the paper in holes.

 Will foods be delivered crispier when using parchment paper?

 It depends on how many perforated holes are in it, but yes, food may lose some crispiness or whatever it is you are air frying. So we suggest you shake or glip the foods between the intervals.

 Whether it is appropriate to use wax paper in air fryer?

 No, it is highly inappropriate to use wax paper in air fryer while cooking.

 How about using aluminum foil in an air fryer?

 Of course, you can prefer using aluminum foil in the air fryer strictly only for covering casseroles. So we might suggest that parchment paper is an ideal option for easy cleanup and sticking issues.

 What are some better alternatives to air fryer parchment paper?

 As we said, you could use aluminum foil to prepare specific foods in an air fryer; even if you desire to buy something more sustainable with the dishwasher-safe option, you can go for excellent reusable silicone perforated air fryer liners.

The Bottom line:

Now there you have it with various and great information on how parchment paper for air fryer is an ideal option to experience a less messy air frying life. You and your air fryer basket will never regret having one. So you can avoid them today. I hope you guys liked my article on Can you put Parchment Paper in an Air fryer. Thanks for reading.

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