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Are you wondering about Can You Stack Food in an Air fryer? – No doubt any fryer is one of the favourite pieces of equipment in a kitchen because the machine uses hot air and consumes less oil to cook here delicious food that you otherwise might fry and make it unhealthy. Frying the food would require them soaked in oil, making your food soggy, greasy, and less tasty.

It is fine if you think that can you stack food in an air fryer Because it makes cooking things easier. Still, you have to remember that this stacking food in an air fryer is not recommended unless the ingredients are small and lightweight. Air can easily be able to circulate your food. But if you stick your area with heavy suits, it will result in uneven cooking of  food or take longer time than to cook in usual

But this article on “Can You Stack Food in an Air fryer” will help you decide whether to or not to stack food in your air fryer and give you some handy tricks and tips.

Can You Stack Food in an Air fryer?

It is a known fact that an air fryer works on circulating the fire throughout the equipment, and it is possible only if there is spacious space around the food items within the basket.  The air fryer must circulate around the appliance to cook the contents evenly

Airflow is vital for certain foods or ingredients that are manageable for stacking in an air fryer, and some are unmanageable.  And you will notice that the entire space at the bottom and around the edges of the air fryer enables the air to flow around the basket. Having spaciousness doesn’t mean you can overfill the basket up because it restricts the movement of hot air, leaving the food uncooked. 

But certain foods such as smaller potatoes, fries, and vegetable slices are preferable to stack within an air fryer as they are small and thinner, allowing air to flow conveniently around them and enabling better circulation. So what we conclude here is you can stack food with an air fryer, but there is limitation and quantity on the food matters, so it is challenging to stack food in an air fryer for now,  but you can expect it in the future because of the advanced technologies which can be implemented.

Foods you can reliably stack in your air fryer:

Foods  items that you can take in your air fryer  are donuts, fries, vegetable spices, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, and small potatoes

Foods  you must not stack in your air fryer:

Foods include fish, burgers, ribs,  steak, chicken breasts, pork chops, which are inappropriate to stack in your air fryer.

Air fryer stacking rack:

Having a set of air fryers stacking racks gives you the most advanced a surprising experience to level up your cooking sessions.  Now you can stand them to create layers and cook more food simultaneously, saving time in the kitchen and having more time to do the other activities.

Here below we have discussed how profusely the set of racking stacks is helpful and give the food a crispier texture

No doubt air fryers already circulate enough heat around your food, which makes everything so crisp air without much oil,  but if you prefer cooking a large number of foods like chicken drumsticks, then cooking that is a must.  Instead of leaving one side to rest on the bottom of the air fryer,  this rack will reduce your food so that air can completely circulate evenly around it and create a crispier coating.  Sets of 2 racks are available, with one for the skewer to make perfectly air-fried meats and yummy kabobs. The good news is that this double-rack work ultimately for larger size air fryer as well.  Now you can cook multiple layers of both simultaneously instead of cooking multiple batches.

Note – Air fryers that contain BPA may affect your health in bad ways, So always look for BPA free air fryer which are much more better option.

Types of air fryer’s racks:

There are two types of air fryer stacks.  First,  the one that divides horizontally gives you separation from side to side,  and the other rack provides your vertical space by offering you an extra rack for the second layer of food.  However, both have their own purpose, but you don’t necessarily require to use them. 

No doubt air fryer racks are more popular because they offer a simple cooking section and give you  more room to cook extra foods.  At the same time, a horizontal rack divides up the basket area into smaller sections.

An air fryer comes in a few different sizes and, in some cases, will be a little smaller compared to your actual air fryer basket.  And racks are fabricated in more general sizes rather than to fit for the exact model or brand of an air fryer.

How to use an air fryer rack:

With an air fryer rack, you don’t have to shake or stir your food items halfway through because there is no more room on space for the circulating of hot air to pass through to make sure that every piece of food in the air fryer is getting cooked evenly and properly.  Here are the few steps to use an air fryer like a pro.

  • Firstly make sure you place the food items on the racks  and the marinated piece on the rack that will be under
  • Make sure the food items are  sliced into small pieces because big pieces of foods can hold the racks space and make them unstable 
  • Next, place the rack in the air fryer,  and let the food cook evenly
  • Later on, remove them one by one,  and wash them for clean use next time

Note – Do you know that USA made air fryers are more durable And Versatile? Let us know your Opinion on that!

How full can you fill an air fryer?

Anyone who has ever used an air fryer prayer before knows the most vital rule of an air fryer is to avoid filling too much in the basket. To avoid this mistake, almost all the frying basket shows a line that indicates the specific limit.  

But putting things first,  instead of using the air fryer up to the brim,  just ensure to keep and cook the food in batches.  It is advisable that you must not fill the air fryer more than half of it

So it would help if you keenly kept this in mind at the time of planning your meals. Moreover, the basket of an air fryer is comparatively tinier.  But what makes it easy is you can quickly cook two servings of meat or fish and even 4 servings of vegetables. But do not fill the food items in order to get your food cooked faster.

But talking about how you can fill an air fryer, then using rack okay is an ultimate choice to get your double amount of food cooked. It’s perfect if you are cooking two kinds of foods simultaneously.  Normally you would have to cook the chicken first and then the fries.  You have to understand that during the 20 minutes the fries take to cook, the chicken has dropped in temperature.  and with a right, you will always be able to relish your food while it is hot

The ideal way to stack food inside an air fryer: 

The best way to stack food  inside an air fryer is by using an air fryer racket,  but in case if you don’t have an air fryer rack, then make sure that the food cooked  inside your air fryer is suitable for stacking purposes and that you are not doing a mistake of overfilling your air fryer with food

  • The first thing you have to do is ensure that you are food ingredients is evenly stacked in layers with the potential for air to circulate correctly between the layers from the bottom to top
  • Next, if you are cooking ingredients that are manageable for stacking, such as sliced veggies nuggets and french fries,  ensure to shake the basket throughout the cooking time.  It will allow the food to move into a new position for a crispier texture and cook evenly on the sides.  It will also create new holes where the air and travel thoroughly
  • The outcome of the cooking will be crispier and evenly cooked, offering a better texture to your food overall.

Note – Are you having heating issue with your air fryer? We have cover a whole article on air fryer heating issue!


  1. Can you stack chicken wings in an air fryer?

    Ans:- Chicken wings have always been an exciting and mouth-watering meal idea. And now, with an air fryer, it has become a hell of a lot easier to cook them.  Anyone can enjoy the crispy and mouth-watering chicken wings anytime they want and without actually making any extra effort.  But the question is can you stack chicken wings in an air fryer? And unfortunately, there are some exceptions to this, and generally, you can’t  stack chicken in the air fryer

  2. Can you cook more than one thing in an air fryer?

    Ans:- Yes, you can cook more than one thing simultaneously in the air fryer.  All you need is a basket with racks or an oven-type air fryer with two or more racks.  And there are other air fryer models available with the divided basket where you can cook chicken nuggets and fries at once.

  3. Can I  use an air fryer without a basket?

    Ans:- Yes, you can use an air fryer without the basket.  However, it would help if you observed that your air fryer would not work that much efficiently nor cook your food consistently.  And on top of that, you are so they also take much longer time to cook.


So, from the above article on Can You Stack Food in an Air fryer?, we have made it clear that it is all about the size of food pieces you are cooking. It is suggestible to cook smaller food pieces, and do not stack food in your air fryer. Empty spaces are mandatory to let the airflow through it. If you properly stack food in an air fryer, many foods can be cooked simultaneously.

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