Frozen Calamari in Air fryer – Delicious Recipe

Are you looking for Frozen calamari in air fryer? Whenever it is a good and fun time with family or friends, there must be a mandatory appetizer to satisfy everyone’s cravings and make them happy. On top of that, if it is fresh and easily homemade, I am sure it will please even the pickiest eaters.

Yes, I am talking about frozen calamari. It is undoubtedly a crispy and irresistibly scrumptious starter, and you have no idea how easy it is to prepare in an air fryer. So if you are looking for a quick and easy method to cook this tasty frozen calamari, you have stopped at the right place where we will share a hearty and delicious process so you can try it today instantly!

You will explore some of these topics in this post:

  • How to make frozen calamari in air fryer which some Pro tips
  • How long does it take to cook frozen calamari in air fryer
  • An easy way to tenderize calamari before air frying
  • How to make air fryer calamari without breading

 What is calamari?

Frozen Calamari in Air fryer

 Calamari is nothing with the Italian word for squid; it is a sea animal. You can have restaurant-style calamari rings at home with your superb recipe. It is thinly sliced rings light and delicate in taste. And it does not taste overly fishy, though. The texture of the collaboration and be tender and chewy because overcooked calamari rings will be unpleasant and challenging. So be careful while air frying.

How to make frozen calamari in air fryer (with breading):

Frozen Calamari in Air fryer

 If you are looking for an easy and quick appetizer, then an air fryer frozen calamari ring is for you. If you are a big fan of calamari rings, you’ll have them in stocks. So Seapak calamari in air fryer is always a go-to idea and no doubt why it is a crowd-pleasing appetizer right out of the freezer. Now you can air frozen fry calamari quickly as It requires only a few simple ingredients, and it gets prepared in minutes.

 And the ingredients are:
  •  1 pound of frozen calamari rings
  •  1/2 cup of all-purpose flour
  •  3 tablespoons of lemon juice
  •  Two egg whites
  •  2 cups of breadcrumbs
  •  1/4 cup milk
  •  1 tsp garlic powder
  •  One half teaspoon kosher salt
  •  One half tsp ground black pepper
 Serve it with:
  1. Sweet chili sauce or
  2.  Lemon wedges
 Easy procedure:
  • The first step is to put the calamari rings in a bowl with lemon juice. Let it marinate for at least half an hour, further drain in a colander.
  • The second step is and garlic powder and flour in a bowl. Now take a separate bowl whisk the egg whites and milk together. Use another bowl to mix the bread crumbs, salt, and pepper simultaneously.
  • Now it’s time for coating! Coat the calamari rings first in flour, next in the egg mixture, and lastly in the bread crumbs mixture.
  • You can place the calamity in a frozen safe plastic zipper bag inside the freezer until it is ready to eat.
  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for consistent 5 minutes.
  • Put the calamari rings in the air fryer basket. But ensure none of them are overlapping. Need that you can work in batches. Using non-stick cooking spray, you can spread the tops.
  • Now let air fry frozen calamari for 6 minutes, now flip the rings carefully, spray, and air fry for the next 4 minutes until it gets fully cooked inside. 
  • Now it’s all ready!

Dipping sauces to serve:

Having frozen calamari rings without any accompanying dipping sauce may make you feel like something is missing. After it is cooked, you can properly enjoy it in an entire mood by dipping it into a hot chili sauce and indulging in the crispy frozen calamari rings with a delicious sauce melting in your mouth.

Some Pro tips:

 No overlapping:

 You will fail to get crispy results if you overlap or crowd the air fryer basket with calamari rings. Having enough space around calamari rings lets the hot air circulate and ensures that every piece is crispy.

 Oil usage:

 You can use the non-stick oil spray. However, you do not need excess oil in most cases as there is enough oil in the breading. But still, if you want your calamari rings to be extra crispy, you can use non-stick cooking spray on top of it.


Follow the instructions above and flip it halfway during the cooking process to acquire good results.

How long does it take to cook frozen calamari in air fryer?

Frozen Calamari in Air fryer

Keeping in mind the recipe mentioned above of air fryer frozen calamari rings must say that 4 minutes on one side and three minutes flipped on the other will be the ideal amount of time. However, it also depends on what brand of air fryer you use. But irrespective of air fryer brands, nobody wants their calamari rings to be overcooked, and at times, you might turn them out rubbery. So to escape all these difficult circumstances, follow the duration we have mentioned in the recipe.

An easy way to tenderize calamari before air frying:

The quick yet straightforward way to acquire tender calamari before air frying is to let the raw calamari rings marinate in lemon juice for at least half an hour. We recommend this based on our experience, and we ensure that it will turn out nice tender and tasty after you air-fried them.

How to make air fryer calamari rings without breading:

Air fryer without breading is another healthier choice to satisfy your cravings. Everything is the same. From the ingredients to the air frying procedure! The only exception is excluding using the bread crumbs and adding coconut flour or refined flour. Other than that, everything is simple. You can use the same salt and pepper seasoning with the garlic and ginger mixture and some hot chili sauce to enhance the taste.

How to store calamari rings:

 No doubt air fryer frozen calamari rings are the best right after cooked or air fried. But the good news is it can be easily stored as well. If you have any leftovers, let them cool to room temperature and then place them straight into an airtight container. It will last for 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you fry calamari without breading?

Of course, it is easy and tasty to calamari without breading by ditching the normal heavy breading. So you can sauté the calamari rings with garlic egg whites marinated with a fresh lime juice, and a sprinkle of new herb seasoning just seals the deal.

 Is calamari vegan?

 Of course not; calamari is not plant-based because it is a sea animal. However, if you want to go for vegan calamity, you will miss plenty of protein added and fried crispy texture.

 Can you reheat calamari in an air fryer?

 Yes, you can reheat frozen calamari rings in an air fryer. You have to be very careful and not let it get rubbery and tough. Try heating calamari for five minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until it is heated through.

Bottom line:

We believe that you have the right recipe to prepare frozen calamari in air fryer. Now you can easily prepare them at home. It is a very go-to choice appetizer for many, and surprises them with your homemade calamari rings. Do try it and comment on your experience!

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