Top 7 Best Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer in 2022 – Review

Are you a regular user of an air fryer? have you ever experienced a significant mishap of slippage or sliding of the air fryer on your countertop? have you ever experienced a heating smell coming out or near the hair fryer?

This heat is liberated out from the air-fryer when in use. If you have experienced such, it is your time to buy a heat resistant mat for air fryer now. The present article is based on the best top 5 heat resistant mat for air fryer, specially crafted for you all under one piece of information.

Why is a heat resistant mat required for an air fryer?

An air fryer are small convection and semi-manual kitchen appliance. They utilize supercharged hot air for baking, frying, and many more. An air fryer can serve you your favourite fries and rotisserie by using a minimal amount of oil. Air fryers have many advantages like multifunctional cooker, power efficiency.

The only problem of heat is one of the most everyday problems of an air fryer.

When an air fryer has been operated, it can produce heat up to 450°F-500°F at an instance. If you mistake placing your air fryer directly on the countertop without any protection or medium, all the warmth of an air fryer is transferred through the naked bottom of your air fryer base to the countertop.

Suppose if you have a granite or quartz, or marble countertop in your home kitchen. The intense heat liberated from an air fryer rapidly expands and squeezes the internal molecular structure of the countertop and may cause the material of the countertop to crack or distort. Wood and laminate countertops are also being damaged by air fryer heat. 

Top 5 heat resistant mat for Air fryer in 2021

Environmental silicone heat resistant mat for Air fryer:

Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer

Theenvironmental silicone heat-resistant mat for air fryers is more looks and quality. One cannot simply ignore the elegant design of stripes compared to other simple heat-resistant mats. The manufacturer states that these heat-resistant mats are fabricated of environmentally friendly silicone material.

The bonus thing that comes with this mat is that it is accessible in various colors that offer multiple options for you to choose the ideal and suited color that accords with your kitchen countertop.

If you have an air fryer with a size ranging between 2QT to 8 QT, this environmentally friendly silicone heat-resistant mat is an ideal choice as its size is 9×12. Moreover, the groovy wave design proficiently prevents oil water and sliding.

This exceptional heat-resistant mat can resist high and low heat from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degreesFahrenheit, efficiently used inside the fridge as a shelf mat or under the air fryer.

This exclusive mat is FDA-approved making it very safe to use to prepare food without any stress. The best thing about this heat-resistant mat is that it is resistant to oil, microwave radiation, and corrosion, ideal for ovens, microwave ovens, or freezers. So it is completely safe and durable. Talking about its cleaning process, you can hand wash it or choose the dishwasher option.

Multipurpose versatility of this mat:

This heat-resistant mat is flexible and lets you roll up and store anywhere. Moreover, its versatility can be used as a table mat, kitchen pad, tripod, non-slip, insulation mat, table mat, insulation silicone pot holders, silicone counter mat spoon rest, coasters, and non-slip hot pads.

  • Perfect size
  • Elegant design
  • Multipurpose use
  • Durable and safe
  • FDA approved
  • High heat resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Some find it difficult to clean because of stripes.

Supmart extra-large silicone heat resistant mat for air fryers

Best Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer

If you are searching for an extra-large heat resistant air fryer silicone mat, then look for the Supmart extra-large silicone mat will be an excellent product for your air fryer. The mat size is 15.7’’W x 23.6’L, which is great to cover a large area of your kitchen platform. 

The mat has an exceptional heat-absorbing capacity of more than 450°F and protect the air fryer and countertop from the various thermal shock effect like cracks and distortion. The thickness of the extra-large mat is 1.5 mm, which is almost an ideal thickness that provides better heat insulation. This mat is made from super silicone material, which is fully non-slidable and very flexible.

Multipurpose external features of mat-

You can use the mat under your air fryer as well as a table mat too. The heat resistant mat can also be used as a pastry mat, clay mat, stove mat, moulding clay mat, and dryer mat for the vessels and pottery. So, these are some extra advantages that make a multipurpose silicone mat. This extra-large mat is fully waterproof and reusable. You can also clean this air fryer mat in your dishwasher.

The silicone heat resistant mat for an air fryer is available in four different varieties of colours- dark grey, light grey, pure black, and serenity blue, which can best add the blue of the supreme interior theme of the whole kitchen. The mat weighs around 1.1 pounds and is flexible too. The mat resists the unwanted sliding and slippage of an air fryer.

  • Large size
  • Non-slidable
  • high heat absorber
  • multipurpose
  • Flexible
  • Dishwasher safe
  • easy storage
  • breeze to clean
  • Small hair of humans, dogs, cats’ clings to the mat

Max2co silicone heat resistant mat for air fryer:

Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer

Max2co silicone heat resistant mat is our last and best choice in the list of heat resistant mats for air fryers. It is designed conveniently and lets you cover a spacious area of your kitchen countertop.

The size of the mat is 23.6 x 15.7 (60×40 cm). So individuals can effortlessly place their air fryer or other devices over it. It is fabricated of a non-skid pattern that keeps sticking into the surface without moving on your kitchen countertop and safeguards your appliances from slipping.

This exceptional match is good heat resistant that can resist heat from -40 degreesFahrenheit to 446 degreesFahrenheit, effortlessly protecting your kitchen countertop from any heat accident or damage.

This mat is designed comparatively to withstand the heat of an air fryer, toaster, microwave oven, etc. Moreover, the bonus thing about this mat is it is accessible in 8 different colors so that individuals can purchase one or two pieces of the small piece at the same affordable price.

Multipurpose features of this mat:

This mat has a good usage purpose as it safeguards kitchen countertops from spillage, scuffs, scratches, and burns. Also helps in cutting down the grease, oil residue, and food mesh while cooking. This mat is fabricated of flexible and good quality silicone material that lets you conveniently roulette without shrinking and store it anywhere. It is dishwasher safe and easily cleanable by hand wash that lets you reuse it for a prolonged time.

  • Exceptional quality silicone material
  • Large size
  • Shrinkfree
  • Dishwasher safe and easily cleanable
  • Flexibility rollup for storage
  • Heat resistant up to 446 degreesFahrenheit
  • non-skid surface
  • Durability, i.e., long last upto 1 year

Best all-rounder-Gasare Silicone heat resistant mat for air fryer

Best Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer

Gaspare silicone heat pad is known as one of the best heat resistant mats for air fryer. The silicone heat resistant mat for an air fryer works against heat perfectly from the range of 180°F to 450°F. The minimum thickness of the mat is 1.4mm, which prevents heat from reaching your kitchen countertop and avoiding unwanted distortion of the countertop.

This silicone heat-resistant mat comes from LGT manufacturers, which has been a trustable silicone mat manufacturer company for a long time. These mats are crafted from 100% food-grade and eco-friendly, standardized silicone fabrics. After damage, these mats can also be recycled.

The size of these silicone heat resistant mats is 25″ x 17″. The mats are best compatible with cosori, ultrean, ninja, nuwave brio of 2 QT to 8 QT air fryer models. The silicone heat resistant mat is available in different nine trendy colors like mat black, gray, olive green, tangy orange, bright red, taupe, and silent white, which provide more color options to choose the best color of the mat for your kitchen according to the color of the counterpart.

Multipurpose feature of silicone heat resistant mat-

You can also use the mat under the microwave oven, toaster, and coffee maker too. The particular anti-skid property of the silicone heat-resistant mat prevents your air fryer from skid around. The silicone mat also protects your air fryer from scratch and grease. These mats have been washable and reusable for a long time.

  • Lightweight
  • High heat resistant
  • Perfect size
  • Washable
  • Non-skid
  • Wrinkle-free
  • After 9 to 10 months, these mats start color fading.

Countertop Heat Protector best silicone mat for air fryer

Best Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer

Suppose you are searching for a high-quality heat-resistant countertop protector for your air fryer, then this is one of the best hand-picked choices for a heat resistant mat for air fryer. Bella home design is the prominent manufacturer of this best silicone mat for air fryer.

The manufacturer provides the mats with the best quality food-grade silicone and BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex, and Phthalates-free mats, which are supremely durable and flexible. The heat resistivity of these mats ranges from -45°F to 400°F. The thickness of these heat-resistant mats is 1.5mm, which is 0.1 mm thicker than the other regular mat. The heat-resistant mat size is 15.7 x 23.6 inches, best compatible with ninja, instapot air fryers.

A double-sided smooth finish of the heat-resistant mats sticks to the surfaces with your kitchen countertop very quickly and makes a non-sliding surface. The heat-resistant mats are very easy to clean just by using soap and warm water. The mat is crafted of flexible silicone material, making it soft and easy to roll and store inside your kitchen storage shelf.

Multipurpose mats

You can also use the heat-resistant mat as Dining table mats, microwave mats, bar surface and countertop protectors, pet feeding mats, and more. The versatility of the mat and heat resistivity make an air fryer a suitable heat-resistant mat for an air fryer.

  • High quality
  • A good heat resistant
  • Washable
  • Durable and flexible
  • Multi-purpose
  • The mat smell like vinyl plastic

Range Kleen Silver Heat-Resistant Mat For Air Fryer

Best Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer

In the list of best heat resistant mat for air fryer, the Range Kleen silver heat-resistant mat will be an excellent choice to put underneath your air fryer. The dimension of the heat-resistant mat is 17″ x 20″, and you can avail two mats in one pack. So it can help you cover a large area on your kitchen countertop.

The minimum thickness of the mat is 1.5 mm, which efficiently prevents heat range up to 450°F. The best thing about the heat-resistant mat is its sliver design which will enhance your kitchen’s interior decor. The durability and flexibility make this a better choice for your air fryer.

Multipurpose versatility of mat-

These heat-resistant countertop protector mats are perfect for placing underneath your deep fat fryer, a crockpot, a coffee pot, toaster and oven, and other electric appliances too. These heat-resistant mats are reusable and washable with warm soapy water.

  • Large size
  • Beautiful silver pattern design
  • Resist heat up to 450°F
  • Multipurpose mat
  • Dent efficiently if you use sharp objects

Lamson heat resistant mat

Best Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer

In 2002 Lamson company introduced its first silicone heat-resistant mat for an air fryer. The silicone heat-resistant mats are available with super flexibility and heat resistant capacity up to 480°F. The size of the mat is around 11.5-inch x 11.5inch and 1.5 mm thick. It can easily fit a medium-size air fryer on the counter mat.

Lamson heat-resistant silicone mat can prevent almost all the hazardous accidents from your air fryer heat. The silicone mat is free from BPA compounds so that it can also be used as a food preparation mat, or potholder, trivet, or jar opener too. The flexibility and non-skid property of the heat-resistant mat saves the air fryer from sliding.

Professional kitchens also widely use mats because of their high-quality material and super versatile quotient. The silicone heat-resistant mats are soft, easy to roll up, and store whenever not in use. You can also clean the mat by hand wash or dishwasher.

  • High heat resistivity
  • Perfect size
  • good quality silicone
  • Durable and Flexible
  • Easy to roll up
  • Slightly thin

What to look for in heat resistant mat for air fryer while buying?

When you are buying a heat-resistant silicone mat for countertops, there are the primary six different things you should never forget:

Food grade level/ FDA approved or not

When using a heat-resistant silicone mat, you expect to use it as a multipurpose mat for cutting vegetables, making delicious pastry, and sometimes put boiled foods like eggs or potatoes over it.

If the silicone heat-resistant mat is not FDA approved or 100% BPA free, then many side effects can happen to your body. So while buying a heat-resistant mat for an air fryer, look for if the carpet is BPA-free or not and best if it is FDA certified.

Heat resistance quality of the mat

Most of the heat-resistant mats are made of silicone materials. Silicone material can easily withstand wide temperature ranges from -45 F to +480 F. So that sudden temperature changes are safe for these mats.

Size and shape of the Heat Resistant mat for Air fryer

When you buy a heat-resistant mat for your air fryer, make sure you check for the proper fit of the mat to your countertops quickly. For a standard air fryer, a minimum of 10×10 inches mats will be grand, but you can also use a large one for other hot appliances.

Flat and wrinkle-free

These mats can be used everywhere, like on countertops, on dining tables as table mats, drawers mats, and many more, but if these are not flat and wrinkle-free, you will face some silly issues with your mat. Also, appearance-wise will make a wrong impression in front of your friends and guest. So these should be flat and wrinkle-free.

Durability & flexibility of the mat

Durability & flexibility is a quality of a mat that is totally dependent on material and fabric quality. Your material or fabric should have good quality silicone fabric and should be soft enough while touching. Due to the flexible quotient of the mat, the shelf life of the mat is increased, and for quiet, which will be easy to roll up and store inside kitchen drawers.


Silicone heat-resistant mats must be waterproof. While under an air fryer, stoves & oven for cooking, sometimes there is spillage of food stains, grease, or debris drop on the silicone mat.

If your mats are not waterproof, then you may face with cleaning issues. These mats will not provide an excellent hygienic environment for cooking and other uses. So these mats should be waterproof.

Why to use silicone heat resistant mat for air fryer?

Use the best silicone heat resistant mat for air fryer. The simple reason behind this is the heat-insulating property of silicone that prevents high heat from reaching your countertop. They are also available at an affordable cost. There are various advantages of these silicone mats in daily kitchen needs, which are enlisted below. A silicone heat-resistant mat ensures your countertop the best possible protection from air fryer heat.

Different ways to use silicone heat resistant mat for air fryer for multiple worktops like: –

  • Decorative mat on the dining table- table mats
  • Refrigerator shelf mats- storage shelf mat
  • non-slip surface for appliances like a toaster oven, coffee maker, hot dishes, etc.
  • Food preparation surface mats for cake, pastries, vegetables cutting
  • Anti-skid mat property used for pet food and water bowls
  • kids play mat, clay preparation, and so much more

What is the best heat resistant surface for an air fryer?

Some materials inbuilt have a heat-resistant property that may be the best heat-resistant surface for your air fryer. The materials like stainless steel, granite, quartz stone, wooden are the best material surface for an air fryer. 


Granite is the most challenging natural building material, and they are made from high pressure and temperature inside the earth’s crust. Granite is a beautiful material that is widely used as a kitchen countertop all over the world. Granite material also has high heat resistivity, up to almost 1000°F. So you can easily use granite under your air fryer.

Stainless steel

Another one of the best materials for the air fryer countertop with heat-resistant properties is stainless steel. The material is solid and durable, and easy to clean. If you find any dirt or unhygienic are just take a moist cloth and wipe it on the top. 

Quartz stone

These are also proved to be very much heat resistant and intense as compared to granite stone. The looks of these materials are usually shiny and beautiful.


A wooden material used for counter top is the best insulator of heat, but on regular use of the wooden counterpart under your air fryer does burn damage. 


  1. 1 Are Heat Resistant Mats Travel friendly?

    Ans:- Yes, heat-resistant mats are travel-friendly as they lightweight and do require after rolling.

  2. How to clean silicone heat resistant mats?

    Ans:- Cleaning the mat is very easy. Just take a handful of soap and warm water mixture in a big bowl and rinse the meat with water. Always keep your silicone pads for an hour to dry before use.

  3. How much hot can the silicone heat resistant mat resist?

    Ans:- Silicone mats have always proved to be an excellent fabric for heat resistivity. They avail a particular property that totally sucks all the heat produced by your air fryer. These heat-resistant silicone mats can withstand high temperatures from 200°F to 480°F easily.

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If you are a regular user of an air fryer, then without any fail, do invest in a heat resistant mat for air fryer. Avoid the unwanted spoil and hazards of the counterpart by just keep a mat under your air fryer.

Read the above article on Best Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer and buy one as soon as possible, looking for the best quality and brand under your budget now.

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