Ninja Af101 Review (2022) -Insights Of Ninja Air Fryer AF101

This Ninja af 101 is one of the inexpensive air fryers with exclusive features that one cannot simply ignore. Over 25,000 positive reviews will surelyinfluence you to buy this product with complete confidence.

To enhance your confidence, we have takenthe pleasure of explaining more about the ninja af101 air fryer 4-quart cooking capacity. You will be more surprised knowing how this excellent air fryer works in a better way than the company states, which is an extremely rare thing to happen.

This Ninja air fryer af101 is compact among the ninja’s line air fryers production. It is something that you must try out. Because this air fryer is more than just an air frying tool, you will be amazedby its features, how it works from beginning to end, and how extremely it is easy to operate. It lets you dehydrate, bake, broil, and reheat leftovers. So overall, it is an All-in-One appliance than a stand-alone air fryer.

We understand that you are always fully conscious about your health, looking for an alternative that is never deep frying foods. In that case,Ninja 4qt air fryer is an exceptional option, and it consumes 70% less oil and delivers crispier results. Moreover, it also uses minimal electricity compared to a full-sized convection oven.

In this article, we will share every small detail about the Ninja air fryer AF 101 review and manifest how it delivers satisfying results, making it easy to choose. So avail this best air fryer on Amazon available at an affordable price, making it one of your top choices for consideration.

Ninja Af101 Review

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What’s in the package?

Ninja Af101

After booking your order on Amazon, you will receive your order soon clean, packed in the box in one place neatly. Inside the package, there is a ninja air fryer af101 appliance, a wire rack, a crisper plate, a manual, and a start guide that includes cooking charts and 20 mouth-watering recipes that you can ace while using this appliance.

How does this Ninja af101 air fryer exterior look?

Ninja Af101

This air fryer for one person or whole family comes with a 4 Qt cooking capacity is perfect for cooking all your favorite meals. Moreover, its sleek exterior finishing addsan aesthetic look to the theme and decor of your kitchen. This appliance is accessible in a black and dark grey with a glossy finish to offer that stunning outlook.

This appliance is well fabricated with sturdiness, and quality is not an exception. It is well constructed, and the base of an appliance has small rubber feet that maintain the device in one consistent place without moving it around while using.

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It is lightweight and portable with the appropriate amount of weight and mass that maintain a well-balanced and sturdiness in its place. Overall this ninja af101 air fryer is all setto hypeyour cooking experience and let you prepare all the bountiful meals.

How is it easy to configure the ninja af101 air fryer?

After taking the appliance out of the box, you are nowready to set it up or configure it on your kitchen countertop. However, it does not take much time to assemble this appliance. Remove the plastic wrap and packaging material,and now you are ready to go. If you find it challenging, you can go through the quick start guide and owners manual to ensure how to handle and run this appliance and what to expect from this air fryer’s features.

This exceptional air fryer has top-notch quality with a good performance.The quick start guide comprises a cooking chart that lets you easily understand how long you will take to cook specific recipes and what temperature it will be appropriate to cook. There are also some hints, tricks, and techniques that will enhance your air frying experience in a better way.

What is Ninja air fryer af101 capable of?

It is obvious that ninja air fryer af101 can do so much more of an expectation. Do not get baffled with its 4-quart capacity. It is enough to cook a meal for a whole family. Scroll down below to know its exclusive feature and what it is capable of.

On an important note, you can try any of these features but ensure to preheat this air fryer for a consistent 3 minutes except for the dehydrate function.

Air fry:

With this ninja 4-quart air fryer, you can have a fried food tastewithout using much oil. It is a guilt-free substitute for deep frying. Because it lets, you have the same crispiness but more healthily than deep fryers. But you need to level up the food correctly in a proper layer that lets you cook food evenly. Also, ensure to shake or flip the ingredients in-between the time intervals constantly.


The roast function of the ninja af101 air fryer also doubles as the baking feature. This feature lets you roast chicken wings, sirloin steak, chicken breast, and pork chops easily.


Reheat is also the other practical usage of these exceptional ninja af101 air fryer other than air frying. It ultimately lets you reheat leftovers like chicken nuggets, day-old fried chicken, or french fries that ensure to bring back the crispy texture by air frying it. Also, this air fryerconsumes very less electricitythana full-size convection oven. On the other hand, the microwave is not a good option to reheat fried food as it becomes soggy.


Ninja 4-quart air fryer with Dehydrator feature is also a bonus. This feature does not require preheating. But the drawback is that it lets you process only specific items in this air fryer. If you want to use this dehydrate feature, you can look at ninja fooditoaster ovens.

  • Modern and sleek design
  • Quick preheat in 3 minutes than conventional ovens.
  • 4 Qtcapacity
  • Bpa free air fryer
  • Wide temperature settings
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 4-1 preset function
  • Programmable cooking functions
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lack of auto-pause option when removing the basket
  • Not ideal for a large family.

What can you cook with the ninja af101 air fryer?

Ninja Af101

Chicken wings:


1 lb of chicken wings
One tablespoon of oil
Pinch of salt
Barbecue or any of your favorite sauces.


  • Place the cleanly washed 1 lb of chicken wings in a fryer basket.
  • Add one tablespoon of oil into it and set the air fryer at 390 degrees for a complete duration amount of 26 minutes.
  • After five or ten minutes, you can open the air fryer basket to check evenly cooked.
  • If the chicken wings are partially cooked, then leave it for the next 5 minutes but ensure to flip all the chicken wings in the air fryer basket so that you can acquire even cook.
  • After complete 15 minutes definitely, the chicken wings are completely good, and you can acquire crispy outer texture with perfection.
  • You can finally cover these scrumptious chicken wings with barbecue sauce and toss them. Keep the covered chicken wings in an air fryer for a couple of minutes.
  • Lastly, this sauce will give nice and tasty glazed chicken wings.

French fries:


6 ounces of russet potato
1 tsp of olive oil
Pinch of salt
Freshly ground black pepper.


  • Firstly preheat an air fryer at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for consistent 3 minutes after setting the temperature.
  • Now slice the potatoes into 1/4 inch slices, i.e., fries and place them in a medium bowl of cold water; drain and pat dry with paper towels.
  • Now put the price and sprinkle oil with half a teaspoon salt and freshly ground black pepper. And push the basket back into the air fryer.
  • After 10 minutes, you can remove the basket and flip or toss the fries using silicon tongs that ensure to deliver fries in the desired crispiness.
  • If required, you can work in batches but ensure to place the fries in an even layer in the basket without stacking up the air fryer.
  • After 10 to 14 minutes, you will acquire a golden brown and crispy texture.

How to clean the ninja af101 air fryer?

The good news about this exceptional air fryer is that you don’t face any problems while cleaning this outstanding kitchen appliance. The crisper plate, air fryer basket, multilayer rack,every accessoryare dishwasher safe. But on an important note, you must be precautious while handling those parts as it will be extremely hot after each use. So let it cool for a while and then wash it.

Individuals can either place the air fryer basket with other parts under tap water or leave the parts to cool down for a while before cleaning up.

The crisper plate and an air fryer basket are ceramic coated,ultimately preventing the food from sticking to the surface, making the cleaning process easy.


Why ninja airfryer af101 is the best?

Ans:- Air fryer af101 is the best because it is great in features with 4-quart cooking capacity plus, it also comes with innovative features, which are hard to find elsewhere.

Is the ninja af101 air fryer worth it?

Ans:- If you are looking for an ideal air fryer, this appliance must be your consideration now. Though it has some drawbacks considering all its pros, it is worth keepingon your kitchen countertop.

For whom ninja af101 air fryer is a superior choice?

Ans:- This smaller appliance is affordable and more suited for couples or single people.

Bottom line:

Above, we have shared all the possible reasons why and how the ninja 4-qt air fryer is a perfect choice for your kitchen space. It is one of the inexpensive appliances out there if you are really looking up for something that would offer you the best bank for your buck. Now heads up to the Amazon website and place your order now.

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  1. A resident of the apartment we live in has a question. He purchased his air fryer from Walmart. Every time he uses the air fryer it makes the smoke alarms goes off in which there are three (3) of them. The maintenance man has changed the batteries three (3) times in the last 2 months to make sure it’s not the alarms. No matter what is cooking in the air fryer, the alarms goes off. Is it possible that the air fryer is defected?

    • Hey bennett! If he’s using air fryer properly, it shouldn’t be making enough smoke that would cause the alarm to go off.

      If his air fryer sets off smoke alarm, it probably means that there is too much grease, oils, or small pieces of food that are hitting the heating element. When grease or other things sit on the heating element, they can burn. This can cause the air fryer to let off some smoke, which could reach your smoke detector.


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