Power XL Air fryer Replacement Basket – 3.5QT, 5.5QT, 3.7QT

Are you looking for “Power Xl air fryer replacement basket“? Usually, if you are an air fryer freak and those who prefer to use an air fryer almost every day, it should be properly maintained at any cost. It has become the most popular appliance in every household because it makes cooking meals and side dishes for dinner or parties very easy. It is an All-in-One appliance that even beginners can ace.

It lets prepare foods like chicken nuggets and bake their favorite sweet dishes. On top of that, an air fryer is an ideal appliance to reheat the foods or leftovers. No complain that an air fryer is a good appliance and if it has been using it for long years, then the basket may start to discolor very badly is pretty much common. Even after you have attempted scrubbing to take off stains and sometimes the non-stick coating may also come peel-off in some areas.

So below, we will share our personal experience of how we have dealt with power XL brand air fryer, and under that circumstances, you must choose a power XL replacement basket so you can use it at least for the next six months or more.

Ideal Time to Replace the power XL air fryer basket?

Power XL Air fryer Replacement Basket

To put it precisely, the correct time to replace the power XL air fryer basket is when you are worried because of the basket peeling off. At this point, you might start worrying about your health, which is the utmost concern. Your mind may strike a question of whether these coatings flakes may be mixed into the food and you eat them unintentionally? Whether it will be poisonous or not?

So far, the answer is evident that nobody wants a basket with a peeling issue, no matter it is out of health concern or appearance reasons. So to get rid of these unwanted chemicals mixing into your food, we highly recommend you to go for power XL replacement basket without a second thought.

Best replacement of power XL basket:

Power XL Air fryer Replacement Basket

Yes, you heard that true! So know you can easily e purchase a power XL air fryer basket without purchasing a new air fryer. So simply replacing the basket sounds like a very good option, and it works great for the other few months. In fact, we have discussed below some highly rated power XL replacement basket that will serve you better and exactly like the one that comes with the actual machine.

This air fryer replacement basket is safe and non-stick, making it easy to remove stuck-on foods. Moreover, it is also safely built with great quality and affordable.

1. Air Fryer Inner Basket & Outer Basket for Power XL Air Fryer Basket 3.4 QT

Check this product on Amazon: B09CKQJ64X

This power XL replacement basket of 3.4 quarts is what you need to continue using your air fryer. It will be a great fit for your appliances, but it might take little time to put together, but it is the perfect replacement for the old basket in long-term use.


This air fryer replacement basket is compatible with more than one model. It goes well with power XL air fryer 3.4 QT while simultaneously fitting for GoWise USA 3.7 quart, Farberware 3.2 quart air fryer, and 3.7 QT Avalon Bay air fryer.

High-quality material fabrication:

This basket for power air fryer XL is fabricated of food-grade and premium quality material with a non-stick coating air fryer basket. This conveniency lets you take the food easily out of the basket just as they were put in.


This power XL air fryer basket comes with convenience. It lets you prepare any fried food without oil as it has a non-stick-coated basket. Moreover, the frying pan is all set to catch crumbs and oils from fried foods during frying. Lets you prepare chicken wings, delicious pizza, fried vegetables, and steak. Overall it is a versatile appliance to prepare multiple foods with extraordinary accessories.

Easy to clean:

This cooking basket is ultimately easy to clean and dishwasher safe, which offers a quick, easy, and clean experience without any hassle.


Premium quality fabrication
Non-stick convenience
Easy to clean


Take a little time to put it together initially.

2. Power XL Replacement Basket for 5.5Qt capacity

Check this product on Amazon: B08QJNB1S8

You will be glad to come across this power XL replacement basket for 5.5-quart capacity as it is affordable and easy to assemble and a minute. It will surely make you feel just like new and a perfect replacement for your old air fryer. The bonus point is beside the extraordinary air fryer basket; it also includes everything you need to make this quickly and easily, i.e., it comes with extra screws and screwdrivers.

Applicable models:

This air fryer replacement basket is 9.4 x 8.9 x 4.5 inches making it compatible with 5.3 QT, 5.5 QT, 5.8 QT, and 6 QT GoWise, Cozyna, and power XL basket air fryers.

High-quality material:

This air fryer basket is fabricated of superior quality material because people always are concerned about safety and health. so we ensure to meet their highest expectations and standards by offering products fabricated of great quality.

Non-stick frying basket:

This air fryer replacement basket is easy to use because its non-stick coating makes the cleanup process hassle-free. In addition to that, the non-stick coating and durable steel material let you easily remove the food. You can prepare scrumptious chicken wings pizza, steak fries, fried veggies, another multiple dishes at once.

Easy cleaning process:

This is the best air fryer replacement basket when it comes to the issue of cleaning basket after every cooking session. This basket is fabricated of Teflon simultaneously featuring durable non-stick coating that makes the basket easy to clean by dishwasher.

Included accessories:

The package includes one golden frying basket, 6 screws to screwdrivers, and 6 nuts.

Superior quality material
Non-stick frying basket
Easy to clean
Extra screws and screwdrivers

No cons so far.

3. Power XL Air Fryer Replacement Basket 3.7QT

This power XL air fryer replacement basket for 3.7 quart goes ideally for Gowise USA air fryer and all air fryer oven as well. So it is a good choice that ensures it to lasts longer than the original when it is taken good care of with proper maintenance.

Applicable models:

This air fryer replacement basket comes with a diameter size of 8.2 inches x 3.7 inches in height. And talking about its compatibility, it only applies to GoWise USA and power XL 3.7-quart air fryer and air fryer oven.

High-quality fabrication:

Like the other power XL basket model, this is also built of superior quality material, considering safety and health. So the manufacturer ensures to produce a superior quality product that meets people’s highest expectations and standards.

Non-stick frying basket:

This air fryer replacement basket has a non-stick coating that makes them easy to cook and hassle-free cleaning. Moreover, the durable steel material and non-stick coating let you easily take off the food why you cook mouth-watering pizza, chicken wings, fried vegetables, and steaks.

Easy peasy cleaning:

It is an ideal air fryer replacement when you have the issue of cleaning after every cooking. The baskets of fabricated of Teflon and the durable non-stick coating make the easy peasy cleaning process by dishwasher.

How to install the power XL replacement basket?

Installing the power XL air fryer basket is super duper easy. All you have to do is unscrew the handle from your original air fryer basket and attach it to the new one you purchased by using the included screws in the package. Above, we have discussed some air fryer placement basket that goes well with GoWise, Cozyna, and power XL brands. But it is still recommended to choose the appropriate size that accords your air fryer. But if you are confused, you can measure the basket to have a precise idea of which will be the perfect replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace the power XL air fryer basket?

Of course, you can. Above, we have shared the best air fryer replacement basket for power XL and other models you can easily avail of from Amazon. They are highly dedicated to selling good-quality replacement baskets. Click on the link given on the product above and find your suitable model.

When to consider the replacement of the air fryer basket?

If the air fryer starts to peel off or is damaged, it demands the air fryer replacement basket to save the situation. So it depends on the air fryer model you have; you can effortlessly find a replacement on Amazon. Or you might also prepare to contact the manufacturer to help you out.

Where to buy air fryer replacement baskets?

You can easily find your suitable basket replacement on Amazon. If you call your manufacturer, they will deliver you a replacement basket. But either it will be free, or they will charge depending on the warranty and the manufacturing company.

The Bottom line:

We are absolutely delighted to help you out in knowing information regarding the Power XL air fryer replacement basket. Suppose you are an air fryer geek; how important it is to deal with baskets peeling off or damage problems. It is why we have come up with the very affordable idea to escape you from this issue and keep continuing using the air fryer with no problem.

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