How To Reheat Quiche In Air Fryer – Step-By-Step Guide

Want to reheat quiche in air fryer? Let me share the best way to reheat quiche in an air fryer. I bet you love having quiche, but the issue is it is significant, and it cannot be eaten all in one go fresh out of the air fryer or oven. In this case, you have to reheat the leftover quiche, and trust me reheating them in an air fryer will give you the best results than in a microwave oven. So below, I will share an easy and no-fail method that keeps the quiche’s base crispy and does not turn them soggy and at last I’ll share the results I got.


  • What is quiche?
  • Can you reheat quiche?
  • Can you reheat frozen quiche in air fryer?
  • How to reheat quiche in an air fryer?
  • Best way to reheat quiche?
  • How long to reheat quiche in air fryer?
  • The result I got!

What is quiche?

Reheat quiche in air fryer

Do you love having quiche? Yes, me too! You can make your quiche loaded with plenty of cheese and topped with sliced tomatoes. However, the add-ons vary, and you can include spices, seafood, meats, and vegetables. So quiche is a fantastic dish for parties, lunch, bridal showers, dinner, etc. Overall, it is a go-to food because of its quick recipe that turns out to be delicious crusty, and pleasing when it melts in the mouth. Yum! Right?

Can you reheat quiche?

Of course, yes, you can reheat the quiche! If you are still wondering if you can reheat the quiche the next day, I will give you a big fat thumbs up. Because have you ever noticed that whether it is quiche or pizza, it tastes a lot better the next day. So yes, it is what I loved most about leftover quiche. 

Reheating quiche in air fryer is just amazing. You can also add some extra toppings (I add loads of cheese), giving your reheated quiche an even better taste. It will not make the crust pastry go soggy like a microwave. This reheated question air fryer will give an undeniably rich flavor with a delicate mouthful feel.

Can you reheat frozen quiche in air fryer?

Yes, absolutely, you can reheat frozen quiche in air fryer! Whether you are reheating a frozen quiche from the grocery store or going with my recommendation of homemade quiche. You store each piece of spare or leftover quiche in a freezer bag, both can be reheated in an air fryer. 

Now when you are reheating frozen quiche in an air fryer, begin with the 4 minutes at 120 degrees Celsius/250 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can later adjust the air fryer settings depending upon the regular size or mini size quiche.

How to reheat quiche in air fryer?

Reheat quiche in air fryer

It is the ultimate way to reheat quiche in an air fryer; you will get great results without fail or sogginess!

Step – 1: 

First, take the leftover quiche

Step – 2: 

Next, place a layer of aluminum foil in your air fryer basket.

Step – 3: 

If you have chopped medium-sized quiche slices, place the slices into the air fryer basket. Now let it air fry for 8 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius/320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step – 4: 

Lastly, serve this mouth-watering quiche with your favorite dipping sauce.

Best way to reheat quiche?
  • The first thing I will recommend is to cut the quiche into smaller pieces as they are quicker to reheat. It will be best to cut the quiche into the small usual quiche slices.
  • My next crucial tip is to use aluminum foil over quiche while reheating them in an air fryer. 
  • This tip will help prevent your air fryer from getting messy and dirty, and you will also not lose the deliciousness of cheese and can have been neat flavorful quiche from the foil. Moreover, you will save yourself from the hassle of washing your air fryer later. Isn’t it a lifesaver idea? 
  • If you have larger slices of quiche, you can also do the same but make sure to use aluminum foil and not place quiche on top of each other. If you have this spaciousness, you can reheat multiple quiche slices at once.

Now, this is something fast yet straightforward air fryer quiche reheating instructions that can work for you in the best way without impacting the flavor of the quiche. Whether you have a quiche with just cheese and tomato or any add-ons on it, this method is classic for every quiche recipe.

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How long to reheat quiche in air fryer?

The prime reason for reheating quiche in an air fryer is that it is quick and fast. You can get your reheated quiche in just 8 minutes for medium-sized quiche slices. So no more fretting about waiting a long time in the kitchen while reheating quiche in the oven.

Also, I have mentioned that chopping quiche slices into small ones will tend to reheat them faster. In this case, you can ultimately reduce the reheat time down to a few minutes less.

The result I got!

Believe me; I got an astounding success in the end. Though one concern that kept me alarmed was what if reheating quiche might get its crust tough. But this was not the case when I did this in the air fryer. 

I was super impressed by the results I got in just 8 minutes. It is why; I love doing experiments with air fryers. Less time consumption and fast result have always been the favorite benefit of this appliance. Moreover, the quiches have been reheated evenly from every side, which is not reasonably possible when you microwave them where you acquire some complex parts all over. 

Now another question lingering in your mind is what if the fillings in quiche have broken down because of some aggressive heating pattern of an air fryer because the add-ons that go in quiche are pretty delicate. But trust me, I was satisfied as I got my quiche perfectly delivered in a great form after its time in an air fryer. 

Bottom line:

So here, what I am concluding is that whether you reheat pizza or any other thing in the air fryer, you will get a crispy finishing. So if you want to reheat anything, think about the air fryer before putting it in the microwave! Do tell me your experience and share your joys in the comments below!

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